[Lowsec] Schneckt: Small-Gang/Fleet PvP (EU/US)

Minmatar Militia

Newbros and experienced players are all welcome! Schneckt loves newbros! We’re a close-knit bunch of degenerates who just want have fun.

We specialize in small gang pvp and at the end of the day, we’re having fun and are recruiting the most debaucherous, sin-filled folk we can find.

What does Schneckt have to offer?

  • Hauling Service

  • LP Buyout

  • Limited Ship Replacement Program

  • FC Training Program

  • Frequent Fleets

  • Drunken Shenanigans

  • Alpha friendly

  • Unique corp culture

We also specialize in Schneckt memes:

Show Me Where Schneckt Touched You

How to Join:

Please join Schneckt Pub channel in-game. Otherwise, please direct any questions or concerns to Viktoriya Choms.

Visit our Schnecktsite

Fly Schnecktcellently!

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o7 - Choms

Was looking over you KB, :+1:

Is you corp only interested in LS?

We’re based in LS and are having a great time in FW space! We occasionally poke our heads into null to hunt carebears but we’re pretty happy where we are :slight_smile:

We have drunk fleets every weekend \o/

Check out our Reddit ad!

Fun kills!


Lots of content this week, be there or be square! :v:

New and improved fleet bottles!

Plenty of FW action!

More Than FW

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