LTH someone good at photoshop

Hello there, I am currently in a project of mine and I would require some help with taking a picture of the contact management window and photoshop it and make all the background of the picture go away. I would like it to be as well a little broad and so you can see the see the different colours that represent the different statuses of your contact. And I want a picture each where a golden arrow ( not the bow and arrow, but an arrow) points down on one of the statuses above the contact window.
I want as well that these images would be easy to put into a word document with no background colour or so on just the images that I described. The golden arrow should be a little 3:d ish.

If you are willing to take on this project then let’s discuss prices through a convo in- game. But first contact goes though this post!

IT’s an easy quick job so the pay should be very light.

Thanks in advance & I hope that we can work together.

I hope you are refering to an isk payment.

Yes i do but i can also pay in materials if you now want it.

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