[LUMEN] - Cail Merevyn recruiting Industrial and Combat pilots. Derelik/Providence

Cail Merevyn

The Fellowship of the Immortal Few exists to serve God and Empire.
Come assist us in enriching the Mandate…and ourselves…

Who are we?

In Amarrad, the ancient language of the Amarrian Empire, Cail i Meretat Veyn means The Fellowship of the Immortal Few. We are an organization of pilots from disparate backgrounds that have come together to live and work primarily in the Ammatar Mandate.

What do we do?

We serve as an entry level organization dedicated to helping newer pilots gain their footing in New Eden and guide them towards more advanced careers. With the assistance of our and allied Alliances we will find the best fit for your particular talents amongst the members of the Amarr Bloc. While deciding what activities suit you we will provide a variety of opportunities to try and will assist you in establishing a solid base of resources and knowledge.

What do we require?

We will take pilots of any experience whatsoever. First time in space? Been in the starter Academies for years? In either case there is something to learn. What you can do is irrelevant. Who you are is all that matters. Our only restrictions are as follows.

  • No offensive names or smacktalk in local - Whatever you choose to do with your time we expect a certain level of behavior in public.
  • Good behavior - We are an inclusive group, if you want low effort jokes and memeing there are more than enough other corporations out there.
  • Willingness to relocate to the Mandate - To get the most out of your experience we will need you to be around the rest of your corpmates. This need not be immediate but we will expect you to join us once any initial business is concluded wherever you have been flying.

What do we offer?

  • Assistance and training of all sorts
  • Access to scheduled PVE activities
  • Light immersion
  • High security Moon Mining and Industry
  • Buybacks
  • Hauling services
  • Access to scheduled PVP roams
  • Discord and a multitude of chat channels
  • No mandatory coms or CTA’s
  • A purpose and future in the Amarr Bloc


While we are happy to take people from any timezone, if you are a newer pilot it would be best if your times corresponded with the bulk of our and our allies members. This will maximise your ability to enjoy group activities and get help with any problems. Our current optimal TZ coverage is as follows.

  • Weekdays - 22:00 > 02:00
  • Weekends - 18:00 > 02:00


Mail the following, join the channel or apply directly and someone will arrange an interview.

  • Miriyan - Industrial Director
  • Utsukushi Shi - Human Resources
  • Combine External Router - chat channel

There are a million paths through EVE, let us guide you down one.

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CMBN is recruiting? Join us on this Imperial Holiday!

Another active weekend. Emergent Conduits in fleets, making new friends, moon mining ops, narrowly avoiding getting killed by an unexpected Triglavian Invasion! Come try something a little different and have a meaningfull engagement with your corporation.

Attacked again by the Blood Raiders we saw off the menace to the people of the Mandate. A glorious fleet!
Come participate in a new era for Derelik.

Official Release regarding the recent defense of Tebu Amkhiman

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As the new year closes we reflect on all that our Alliance has done. What heights will we reach in YC 122? Come find out!

The LUMEN year in review.

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Sadly Yeet Filaments will shortly be disappearing. In the interim though we have been making use of them to “patrol” the outer regions. and once gone we will just have to do it the old fashioned way again!

We found RAZOR!

Another good weekend amongst the faithful. Two new members have joined our ranks and are settling in. We had quite the tussle in the warzone as well with the local pirates.

A savage three way brawl with Dock Workers before Spectre Fleet surprised both parties.

Round two vs Dock Workers.

And because you win some you lose some. Round three.

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