Macabre Votum PVP/CAP FRIENDLY EU/US Friendly, banter community based corp

Macabre Votum [M.V]

Macabre Votum is a tight group with a 15 year history with exposure to every major null-sec conflict. We are EU and US Timezone and looking to further expand both.

Recruitment Status: OPEN

We are a mature, drama-free corporation looking for both experienced veterans of the game and those who desire to take the step into further developing their PVP skills.


MV Is part of Northern Coalition, based in the drone regions. Alliance runs daily fleets, both large scale and small…all kinds to fit your needs. As like MV, NC. has been involved in many major conflicts and remains one of the strongest alliances in null today.

Money making

Null-sec access is available for all your carebearing needs.


• (PVP Focused)
• Desire to grow and learn in null-sec
• Must join comms and have a working microphone
• Self Sufficient - Corp will support newly trial members with low SP.
• Auths for all characters

More Information

Recruitment Officers - EU TZ - Ch’angCh’ang
Website -
Discord -
Public In Game Channel- M.V Live
Killboard -
Short Vid -

Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you!

lots of pvp and fun based community

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