Machiavellian Empire is looking for any and all aspiring null-sec dinos! [MACE1] [TEST]

Machiavellian Empire - Celebrating 10 Years of Shenanigans in 2024!

We are Machiavellian Empire, an established Null Sec Corporation, and a PROUD member of TEST Alliance Please Ignore.

We offer all the usual null sec benefits, PVE, PVP, Exploration, Industry. You can do whatever you want, however you want too, and have the full support and backing of an experienced corporation who has done so much in EVE Online. We are active through most time zones, however EU tends to be our strongest.

I’d like to share with you a story of just some activities we’ve gotten up too in my time. That I believe MACE1 unique. I, yes I, lost a Thanatos to a group of wormholers in our home system while we lived in Esoteria. I was being overconfident thinking that my Thanny was going to be able to shoot and track these newly introduced logistic frigates. I was deeply wrong, and well fifteen minutes later, my thanatos went boom and I rage quit the game. A couple of hours later, the CEO, Dywas DM’ed me and offered to walk me through on the test server, what went wrong and we spent 6 hours one on one walking through what happened and make me understand how it all went wrong - basically fighters do not apply to logistics frigates!

I still remember this almost 6 years later, as I am writing this. I still remember being laughed at for months. I became a meme!

I’d also like to talk about some big success stories we had. During World War Bee, MACE1 was tasked with razing and denying a constellation in Querious; we were outnumbered by two large Goonswarm groups. We as a corporation successfully introduced Drekavac and Gila doctrines completely funded by the corp and handed out to members. We completely denied and razed this space, I’ve attached some highlights. This is what we are capable of.

My proudest moment of being a Machiavellian Empire member is the anchoring of our Keepstar, that was built, constructed and resourced by MACE members. I couldn’t be more proud of MACE than I was then. I cannot wait to see what the future of MACE looks like. The link below is a photo of the monumental day.

While we may not be at full strength, we are looking for new members to help MACE grow in 2024, and we want YOU to be part of that.

If all of this sounds like something you want to be part of please reach out to D’Tell Annoh, or join in game channel “MACE1 Public”. Thank you for taking the time to read this - hopefully gave you a good laugh!

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Drakes are back in fashion here at TEST! Join today to throw it back to 2012!

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Bump for a great Crew.

Join today to dunk nerds who don’t read intel!
(plus the condor had the scram so he couldn’t MJD away! :smiley: )

TEST Alliance is back!

Predditors are back in action - we do all the forms of PVP. No better time to get in on the ground floor of the next era of TEST.

We don’t have cake, we don’t have paps and we don’t have normal sleeping schedules.
But whatever we lack in those we make up for in having D’Tell’s chaos gremlin energy.

Think you can handle it? Come see it up close.

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Want to shrek some nerds - join today!

TESTcursions are back in the gram! Apply today for the dank CONCORD LP, and some fun memes while we stop the Sanshas Nation from expanding its borders!

Loki Doctrines are kinda strong - find out how strong they are today!

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