Main AFK cloaky thread

Naari got banned!??! Really?

He seems to be missing, I of course have no real knowledge

“I deny all such knowledge of the whereabouts of that person… I will neither confirm NOR deny any involvement with whatever happened to them!”

Not from the forums, at least.

Yes. Your specific issue is that you don’t own your space, the cloaky campers and the BlOps team does.

Sovereignty does not equate to ownership. I’ve seen losec groups totally own their claimed space with zero actual sovereignty, and nullsec groups hold sovereignty without exercising a whit of actual control over their space.

Working as intended.

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And they apparently own your alliance as well, since you can’t get their spies out of your fleet and organize anything without them immediately knowing about it.

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Seems to me you have an issue with players at their computer, actually playing and watching, ready to strike at a moments notice. Also your main issue is that you have spy’s in your corp.

Non of which is AFK Cloaking???

Not entirely sure what you are asking for here, as you didn’t mention any suggested changes in your post. Probably just a ‘remove cloaks from game because someone else uses cloaks to really kick the crap out of my corp’

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You should have learned by now there’s a few bot like defenders of the cloaking status quo in this thread. Best to just ignore them, they add nothing to the discussion.

In regrad to your notion that a degree of counter-play should exist when it comes to cloaking, the amount of general reworks and other changes necessary to actually balance that out in the game is staggering… not that CCP seems all that focused on balance.

But in the event they are, the only solution I’ve managed to arrive at is letting cloaking do it’s thing, until it can’t. Effectively: Cloaking for extended periods of time would generate heat, which would damage mods and could lead to the ship having it’s cloaking device damaged. This makes sense in a realistic manner, as the ship is internalizing some if not all of the signatures that other ships could use to find it. It allows the cloaked ship to be cloaked for abit, but not forever. If you want to keep an eye on a location, drop a structure, not a cloaked alt.

On another note, it’s refreshing to see the same few people stuck in their hole and spending valuable time arguing the same copy pasted points over and over again when they could be doing anything else, but here we threaten their identify and way of life by merely suggestion cloaking is too safe.

Anything to help bring your heart rate up. Make sure to talk a walk after any of the few of you cloaky defense crew expectedly reply with an expected reply.

Here we go with ‘realism’ in a computer game.

I would counter that many modules in the game should then be required to track wear and tear and eventual failure if not dealt with.

Guns and Launchers… cycling for extended periods of time ratting, eventually without cleaning/maintenance will jam and possibly explode resulting in that module being damaged.


If you want realism, then my Vagabond moving at 13 km/s should instantly vaporize an exhumer when I slam into it…


Yep. Funny how you don’t criticize yourself for being “bot like” despite always posting the same terrible complaints.

Effectively: Cloaking for extended periods of time would generate heat, which would damage mods and could lead to the ship having it’s cloaking device damaged.

Effectively: buff RMT botters and bot-like players by making local a more effective means of avoiding PvP.


Okay… so I’m going to give you a short story, and it comes with some advice that will make it so you don’t have to give a rats butt about cloaky campers and all that crap.

When I started out, I moved to Providence (yeah I know it’s the butt end of space, but it still is a good place to start in null if you stick your fingers in ears and scream lalalala at any ‘advice’ those dinguses give…)
Providence is where people go to get easy kills. Mainly cause they’re easy to get. Lots of nerds not paying attention, carrier ratting while AFK, probably a few bots in the TSOE pocket, etc.
So basically it’s gank city. I went down there, and krabbed up to an Apoc without much issue, got into a corp down there (Hey Eddie!) got access to intel, and then this happened:

Basically a roaming gank fleet in bombers came and grabbed me. For a while I whinged that it was CVA’s crappy intel channels (they’re likely still crap) since no-one had reported it. But then I got a convo later from one of the guys that ganked me and he enlightened me about what I did wrong.
First off, I relied on intel channels. While intel is nice as a heads-up, it should never be relied on to keep you safe. People sleep, go AFK, etc. The best way to keep safe is to fly properly. The easiest way to do that is to always have several alignment points that you can align to while you krab.

If you’re aligned, you can press warp and you’re gone. You’re now safe and can warp to a citadel and anchor up and wait it out or dock up and pull out a defence fleet.

After that I joined SOUND. They were still Provi nerds, but they were pretty damned competent Provi nerds. If you were online, you were on comms. If you were in corp, you had combat ships ready to go. Keep in mind that SOUND back then had a MAX SP cap of 15M for recruitment. So most of the people in there had crappy fitting skills, generally crappy ships overall. Most of us could barely get into a battleship, and certainly not for PvP (Providence rats/ore are horrid for making ISK).

We mined, krabbed, and generally did whatever we wanted, even with ‘reds’ camped in our system. They rarely even attempted to jump anyone because we didn’t make easy targets. Our miners flew Procurers or Skiffs, and every ship was a bait ship. We tanked everything just a bit more, and almost always had a point or scram on our krabbing ships. Yeah, it hurt efficiency a little, but we didn’t get attacked often because the people that came through there generally knew SOUND defended our little alleyway with every pitchfork and torch we could muster. If anything, most people came through our pipe cause they knew no matter the day or time we were always ready for a fight.

If you want to be able to krab and mine and otherwise run your stuff and have fun, then by all means do it. Get your corp to get its crap together and hold your space. Either that, or bend the knee to someone else in a bloc alliance and pay for protection. Either way, the easiest way to krab and mine without a care in the world is to A) be active, and B) always remember…

Also for PvE ships, a hint - you can anchor while staying aligned easier if you use a Higgs rig… slows you right down to stay in range of that rat or rock.

I just realized you’re in BNI. If you guys are having problems with cloaky campers you have enough people to hold and defend with. own your damned space. And your leadership should be ashamed. BNI used to be pretty competent, fun people to get in fights with, granted they tended to be even more noob than SOUND was back then (those talwar fleets!), but you still brought it. You should have some competent people by now that should be teaching you and other newbros to corp how to defend your space and avoid being ganked.
Get the whip crackin’ at your leadership, they know better than this crap, and if they don’t, find someone who does. BNI dudes are the last ones I expect to see on here complaining about cloaky campers.


Hiiiii! Long time no see! *waves frantically* :blush:

I think it’s not even funny, when some random idiot believes that people, who defend afk cloaking, which hurts botters, are defending botters. That’s literally the single most stupid thing I’ve read this year, by a far margin. It reeks of desperation. He has literally no argument left so he just invents something so absolutely out of this world, he might as well be a trump supporter.

Congratulations for being the single most intellectually piss poor moron in this thread.

It was always overpowered that there is no cost to activate or run cloaking continuously in game. As long as a ship could fit it than it could cloak up and remain cloaked indefinitely.

While I like the fuel idea, depending on the ship it could only carry so much fuel which would make it’s operational range and length limited so cloaky camping would effectively be limited to at least being temporary until they must leave and gather more fuel… I have another idea that might work just as well as another possible consideration.

Make the cloak tied to using capacitor to active and run continuously like a cycle. In the same way a fuel consumption could work. The ship while it could still be fitted in a way to run continuously the fitting would have to be balanced in a way where some other aspect of the ship must be sacrificed to keep it cap stable enough to run continuously. Though given that cloaking ships are more or less for observation this might not be enough which leads to my second suggestion. The activation and capacitor consumption could be ties to the ship’s mass. Bigger ship, bigger cost to run.

Make it require a cycle that costs capacitor to both activate and run but also include a fuel cost so while it can likely be easy for a ship to run continuously a cloaking device there is at least an operational limit by the amount of fuel you can bring with you on the ship being used.

I think this would work out well and make using cloak at lot more challenging and interesting in that way but when you think about it as it is now being able to simply fit a cloaking device means being able to cloak indefinitely and is similar in line to be overpowered as having a cyno be able to equip to any kind of ship was.

CCPlease and thanks the community would thank you it doesn’t end but only adds a basic limit to cloaky camping but it at least gives their opponents a window for which they can try to counter and be aware approximately how long a ship can remain cloaked in their space.

Also last point, maybe limit the amount of different ships that can use cloaking device the way they limit cyno. No more cloaking for capitals for example.

So what? You only need to do so as a counter to local being way too effective as a tool for avoiding PvP. Remove local and people will just log off instead of staying cloaked forever.

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Oh yeah, say that to all the “players” hanging out in their pods in null one minute after downtime until one minute before downtime, every single day.

No local wouldn’t make being able to infinitely cloak completely useless, you could still cloaky camp in a lot of other proactive ways local just makes it easier for cloaky bot to ring the bell whenever someone is around while you’re actually playing on another clone somewhere else doing something else.

I think that some of us can be reasonable and say that any ship being able to equip a cloaking device and hit f1 and cloak all day long if they want is somewhat out of balance. Some ships shouldn’t be able to cloak and there should be at least some restrictions to how you can use a cloak and limits for different kinds of ships that use cloak.

If it needed fuel and cap it would mean that your fitting a cloaking device should require more room from your fitting than simply having an open high slot and enough CPU available to equip. If larger ships required more fuel and cap to cloak than smaller ships it would be more realistic it should take something for for a bigger ship to cloak than the smallest ship that can cloak.

All this means is that at some point the cloaked ship would have to leave or uncloak which means no more AFK cloaky because now it actually will cost them something and there is a risk of getting uncloaked and killed if you aren’t at the keyboard all the time.

Yest it would. The ONLY reason to stay cloaked for long periods of time is to mitigate local as an intel tool. If local doesn’t exist then you just log off when you’re inactive. Remove local and you solve the problem entirely, no further balancing required. But as long as local remains in its current state any nerf to long-term cloaking is unacceptable.

Well I wouldn’t argue against getting rid of local as a permanent feature (but having other ways it can be set up/required to use on a limited basis) but I just think there can be more uses to cloaky camping than simply haunting players in their own systems.

I am sure someone will think of something else to do if local was not present than simply cloaky camp AFK… if there was no local than how would they know you are cloaky camping an ore anomaly in their system? Why wouldn’t you just because there is no local?

Because there’s no point anymore. If you aren’t actively at your PC playing the game then what benefit is there to being logged in and cloaked compared to logging off until you come back? The only reason to stay logged in is so that local doesn’t give away your AFK/active status.

Now, you would certainly still see active camping, but that’s an entirely different situation and one that all these proposed cloak nerfs do nothing to change.