Maintaining Static Data in a Standalone App

What’s the best workflow to update small portions of static data for a standalone app?

My current process every time the SDE is updated:
Download the new SDE
Use EVESDE2SQL to load it into MS-SQL database
Export a few tables needed by the app to a sqlite database
Host the new sqlite database file for download.

Is there a better way of doing this? I really only need a tiny fraction of the data in the SDE.

Could just download the raw yaml files, then write a loader to pick out and construct the data you need, then import into db. This way you could just run you load data script and would only import data you need.

This would also allow you to have more control over table schema and how you construct the data.

If you don’t need to be completely unplugged, I maintain a REST accessible version of the SDE here:
You can then just pull out the bits you need on demand, or write a simple script with curl for a one-time extract (I can help if you tell me what parts you need).

I keep the latest two versions of the SDE online. As long as Steve remembers to do his conversions ( :slight_smile: ), I usually have the latest release up in a day or two.

Have you looked at ESI?

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