Yapeal Replacement? App to download Esi endpoints to DB

I likely have missed it, but is there an app that allows me to just download various endpoints to a database? Stuff like transactions, assets, etc. Yapeal and some other apps had that functionality under Crest. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m looking to work with that data offline and would rather just pull it once a day and update the dB vs making numerous api calls.

This is pretty much what EveKit does, but I assume you’re looking for a simple script or CLI? If you decide to use EveKit, then you can use the “daily dump” feature which will give you everything as CSV files, which can then easily be imported into your favorite DB.

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Thanks. Starting using that, but would prefer an automated process vs. uploading EveKit csv files. Still, its a useful suggestion, thanks.

Write a script that fetches the CSV files, parses it and uploads the data :wink:

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