Looking for a JavaScript library, or pointers for the FSD or BSD


So, I’m a PHP dev by day, so yea I know off the bat how to handle these yaml files in PHP… problem is, I want to try something new and was wondering if someone can point me in a direction.

In the Eve SDE – I really want a way to read and search the YAML files, without having to use a database, so hopefully someone has done this before?

https://github.com/fuzzysteve/yamlloader-old is what I used to use to convert the yaml SDE into a mysql database.

Bear in mind that yaml parsing tends to be slow. It’s worse when the code doing it isn’t a c library.

If you’re going to be touching it regularly, I’d recommend using a database. Or at least pushing it into json which is simpler, and parses far faster.

Thanks Steve, I ran into this during my journey https://github.com/nodeca/js-yaml

Seems to get close to what I’m looking for. Overall I’m REALLY trying to shy away from SQL and install everything via Node if possible. Will save my lazy butt from having to maintain a docker/PHP install etc…

I may be a little biased towards using DBs :wink:

SQLite is an option. But if you really want to avoid it, json is the way to go.

Yea so I’ve figured, spent the past couple hours looking for a quick way to scan nested yml data… no dice. Think i’m going to build a custom json file for my needs.

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