EVE SDE 20190625 conversion

Mysql Conversion


Postgres conversion, in the evesde schema


Postgres conversion, in the public schema


SQLite conversion


MS SQL conversion:


everything else (CSV, mysql tables)



Hi Steve. Can you remind me where the source is for the conversion code? Is this it: https://github.com/fuzzysteve/yamlloader ?


That’s the one.

It’s going to need expansion, because of some coming changes. :smiley:

Wow, shameless tease :slight_smile:

It would be nice to get a little advance notice, even with fake data, so that third party providers can prepare. I don’t suppose there’s a way to do that without breaking NDA?

This isn’t NDA stuff. Just a mention in the tweetfleet slack dev channel that more data will be moving from the BSD directory (the yaml files I just stick directly into tables) into the FSD directory. This should, if I understand things right, cut down on the steps involved in rollouts, on CCPs side. and make it far far easier to version control.

The BSD files are just dumps from database tables. which means they need built first. and the order they come out in is entirely arbitrary. Which means version control is nigh impossible, as the ordering changes each time.

metaGroups was the first of it, though there was an issue which I’m waiting on being fixed, before I do anything with it.

(I think it’s down to how CCP does localization. Large lists of text which is referenced to build stuff up. Which is why you have message ids and name ids everywhere.)

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