Missing Sql Dump within the sde zip

Hello lads and gents,

I want to do a little project of mine but for that I need the entire constelation and system list (including their dinstances and sizes).
So I checked out the developer resources from ccp. It says that in the sde files there should be an sql dump.
However the zip on the Resource Page does not contain any ms sql bak files or similar stuff.
I really don’t want to write myself a parser of that horrible format which can be found in the zip.
So I was hoping someone could tell me where that nice sql dump can be found?



See also: EVE SDE 20190625 conversion

Thanks for the information. However I am a bit dissapointed that they do not provide the dump as the documentation stated. I take it that the fuzzwork dump stuff is not official and being provided by a third party person?
And why are they using yaml for database related informations … Man I just lost interested already.

These conversions are provided by Steve Ronuken. He’s been doing it for years and hasn’t shown any sign of stopping. Many people rely on Steve’s files, but if you’re worried that these may stop at some point then you can re-create his dumps using his code.

They finished converting the SDE to YAML almost three years ago which is also about the last time the documentation was updated. Nonetheless, you’ll find that Steve’s conversions mostly match the old documentation. In cases where it’s unclear, you can always ask here or (better) join the slack channel.

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