Make battle ships great again (a wild mans pipe dream)

Reading through various posts related to BSs and their lack of relevance in New Eden at the moment; I would like to throw a complete rework of the current lineup in to the ring; creatng a completly new set of battleships designed to fill specific roles at all levels of game play, makeing battle ship fleets the wrecking balls that they aught to be.

T1 Battle ships
Reset the BS line up, we define 3 base archetypes

Ewar: Scorpion, dominix, Typhoon, Armageddon

These ships will primarily use Ewar related to their faction. Each hull only has 4 weapon hardpoints , with 8 high slots available and be able to fly at least 1 flight of heavy drones.

Role bonuses

  • 50% bonus to optimal range & activation cost of all Ewar modules
  • Has a limited Jump drive (half that of a BLOPS) can jump to covert cynos, Can fit covert cyno.
  • Has a 50% range bonus to fitted Warp disruption modules

These bonuses align the Ewar ships with their specialised counterparts allowing player to field a wider range of ships to the battle field and reducing the price tag related to the recent Cyno changes. Racial bonuses would revolve around Ewar projection and effectiveness & racial weapon preference Damage output

Support: Hyperion, Rohk, Abaddon, Maelstrom

These ships will be battleship logistics vessels. These ships will have 6 weapon hardpoints with 8 highslots available. these hulls will have the highest raw HP profile in relation to the other 2 classes

Role bonuses

  • Can fit micro jump drives. (bonus to reactivation delay)
  • -50% optimal 0m falloff for remote assistance modules (cap, armour, shield)
  • +50% rep/transfer amounts for remote assistance modules (cap, armour, shield)

These bonuses create a new point of progression in the logistics line up emphasizing reinforcement over range control. Racial bonuses would revolve around survivability (both personal and remote) with bonuses to weapon range (optimal/Fitting)

Combat: Megathron, Raven, Tempest, Apocalypse

These become the ships of the line with 8 weapon hardpoints. They move faster, warp faster, and hit harder Than the other 2 classes, however will have less Raw HP.

Role bonuses.

  • 50% to thrust & CAP use from AB/MWD
  • Bonus to Turret tracking and DPS
  • Can fit micro jump drive

These bonuses would create a set of fast Battleships designed to get in to the fight quicker and make an impact faster. Racial bonuses would revolve around their weapons systems; offering better fitting, tracking and DPS. They would also have a resistance bonus.

T2 battleships
Marauders and BLOPS;


BLOPS pilots would get new a Zero point jump drive, allowing them to jump within a portion of their MAX Jump drive range in LY, without the need for a Lit Cyno. This would allow pilots to manoeuvre around space (still accumulating Fatigue) the module would prohibit the use of a Covert Cyno for a short period of time after use.

would remain mostly the same however the bonus to MJD reactivation would become a role bonus with a 90% reduction. And receive a weapon tracking bonus in its place

NAVY battleships
would be split in to 2 types

Marauder lights.

(Navy) Apocalypse, Megathron, Tempest, Raven.
These hulls will have high base HP with Resistances in-between T1 & T2 and only have 4 turret hardpoints.

Role bonuses (not allowed to fit bastion)

  • 90% reduction to MJD reactivation delay (can fit micro jump drive)
  • 100% bonus to weapon DPS.
  • +50% bonus to local reps

Racial bonuses would revolve around racial weapon Optimal, tracking, DPS & fitting

BLOPS Logi Lights.

(Navy) Dominix, Typhoon, Scorpion, Armageddon
These hulls would be geared towards blops use with a limited remote assistance capacity
They would have slightly higher raw HP than their standard counterparts and benefit from increased resistances.

Role bonuses.

  • -50% optimal 0m falloff for remote assistance modules (cap, armour, shield)
  • +30% rep/transfer amounts for remote assistance modules (cap, armour, shield)
  • Can fit micro jump drive
  • Has a limited Jump drive (half that of a BLOPS) can jump to covert cyno

these hulls would allow a BLOPS orientated fleets to move freely (not having to drag Logi ships along) and add a new dynamic to the BLOPS fleet dynamic.

Pirate faction battle ships:

I would leave these mostly unchanged. With tweaks to the various hulls to have them fit in with certain archetypes (current unique bonuses would still be present)

  • The Nightmare, Nestor & Barghest would gain the ability to jump to covert cynos and fit them.
  • The Bhaalgorn would remain mostly unchanged
  • The Rattlesnake would remain mostly unchanged (maybe add some remote assistance bonuses)
  • The Machariel & vindicator would become heavy hitting “marauder” style battleships. With reduced weapon hardpoints (but maintaining their DPS output at current if not slightly higher values than present)
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3 out 4 marauders already have tracking / application bonus.
You should familiarize your self with ships in question first.

These will be used due to mobility rest of your typing is wasted you can give rest of you battleships 27 mwd bonuses 15 ab bonuses and 34 cap bonuses at SAME time and they wont be used because they cant be where you need them to be and they cant relocate where you want them to go.
Only things that gonna say “oh shiet here they come” is same thing is now saying it 2003 era rats.

Or train for Black Ops.


These are garbage o/ thread

I feel for this thread as its opening post is quite well constructed, while it does not awnser the “why”, it still is fresh breath of how threads can be done on these forums. I give OP credit for that, as for his ideas or understanding of eve or ship balance, I cant credit him.

firstly -

Im a Maxed out BO pilot.

for maruders - i wanted them to be able to consistently apply considerable damage to smaller targets whilst maintaining thair position as Mission running ships. a boost in this department would give them a role in fleet PVP also with an ability to track to a better degree than other less specialized BS hulls

for Black ops - currently the issue, as i see it, with BO is that it is a vary neich filed with vary little scope for diversity. my direction with the above changes was to coincide with the CYNO changes & open up the ship lines available to a BO fleet. from Faction Logistics to Bast T1 hulls… yes a BO with FRS/CRS bombers is still viable, this just adds ships to the line to enable people to join in and open up the play style to the wider community. this also enables creates a more affordable avenue for cuyno chains and force projection.

Combat battle ships - yes they would be everything i said they were, however their raw HP would be the limiting factor. yes you can bring it to bare on the battle field sooner but its more susceptible to damage and will go down faster if not supported.

People complain that battleships are under used, forgotten, and the worst choice if you can fly any T2 hull. they have no clear roles assigned unlike every ship class below and above them. my suggestions would clearly define these roles and would allow battleship pilots to participate in a wider range of activities from PVE to PVP. there are new mobility options for advanced hull pilots, allowing for greater force projection. each ship would have a role to play and together they would be an indomitable wrecking ball.

battle ships should be scary, especially to CAP pilots.

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