T2 Battleship line for Rokh, Abaddon, Maelstrom, Hyperion


I would like to propose T2 variants of Rokh, Abaddon, Maelstrom and Hyperion. It’s nothing fleshed out or anything but it may be worth playing around with the idea a bit, to see if it would fit into the game without breaking major things.

The core concept of them would be to act as “bodyguards”, capable of taking a portion of the damage another ship would take instead of them.

They would inherit and evolve the tankyness of their base variants with role/function bonuses that provide them with enormous amounts of ehp and passive tank capabilities as oppose to the active ones found on Marauders. Their offensive stats would resemble Black Ops in firepower and their base variants in armament type.

In a High-Slot, they would have a new sort of “Aegis” module that upon activation, would project a “connection/shield” onto the target, that redirects a portion of the damage it would take onto themselves, using the resists of the target for damage calculation. While the module is active, the battleship would be immune to receiving an “Aegis” themselves aswell as any form of active repairs and would have to rely solely on its passive tank. When the battleship reaches low HP, it cancels the module, freeing it up to be repaired again. High resistances would discourage enemy ships to focus the battleship itself to get around its support.

Wether the module should affect mobility or resistances against e-war like a Bastion module does would be a question for testing. Another question would be if there should be a script, that reduces the amount of damage transfered drastically, but turns the effect into an aoe around the ship to protect a fleet of frigates for example.

The ships could provide FCs and other VIPs with protection from alpha strikes, escort freight transports expecting gankers or simply act as old fashioned battleship alternatives for all sorts of content.

Would this be something people would want?


Effectively a Juggernaut class. Interesting idea, especially for use on haulers / freighters.

I have an alternate suggestion. Indirect fire artillery. Weapon range would be in terms of AU. Ships would acquire targeting data through fleet members who apply a target painter on a target. Ship would use a bastion module (siege module if ship concept is used for capitals) in order to fire it’s ftl cannons.

I had this idea years ago to use for a capital ship class, but it would work fine for battleships too. In order for the idea to not get too crazy with docking games, ftl cannons wouldn’t be able to be fired if they’re on grid with a dockable structure or station tether.


Or make them BS Logi.
Nothing fancy beside roughly the same bonuses as the Cruiser ones.

IIRC Serenity server has a similar AoE shield bubble type of dealio. I do like the idea of it being scriptable as either single target or AoE though, and of course using the base passive tank as the projected buffer arrangement.

I think it would be possible in extreme cases to fully break this without other compensations - the protected ship cannot rep either locally or remotely, for example, but does give an additional logistics mechanic to play with.

You could probably fit remote repairs instead of guns on it but i dont think it should be just a copy of logis. We need new stuff.

There doesn’t need to be always a new gimmick.
Especially if it breaks the Meta more than something simple as BS Logi would already do.

Love this idea and the one regarding the super long range off grid artillery. Both sound super cool. I just want a Tech2 version of the Rokh hull finally… The tier 3 Battleships need some love… They are the most underused battleships and look the coolest


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