Give T3 Battleships the Hyperion treatment

The ABCs have taken the 8 gun weapons platform role from the old Maelstrom, Abaddon and Rokh. I think the tier 3 (don’t get trigged) battleships should all receive treatment similar to the Hyperion as removing gun slots, increasing damage so dps remains the same and adding utility. This could be done as a role bonus to damage to simplify the Rokh as it doesn’t get a damage bonus to modify to begin with.

Fitting would need tweaking due to the max turrets changing, but aside from that my proposed changes would look something like this:

Frontline Battleships:
Hyperion: 7/5/7 (6 guns)
5% large hybrid damage
7.5% armor repair amount
Role: 25% large hybrid damage

Abaddon: 7/4/8 (6 guns)
7.5% large laser damage
4% armor resistance
Role: 25% large laser damage

Rokh: 7/8/4 (6 guns)
10% hybrid optimal/falloff
4% shield resistance
Role: 25% large hybrid damage

Maelstrom: 7/7/5 (6 guns)
7.5% large projectile rate of fire
7.5% shield boost amount
Role: 25% large projectile damage

Attack battleships are not meant to have as much utility. It is a design choice. They are a little faster and have lots of guns.
P.S. There are no tier 3 battleships anymore.

Yes I am aware there are no tiers, there are also no “attack battleships”. It was the easiest way to say what I’m talking about. They are a little faster and have more guns, yes, but why does the Hyperion get to have more effective slots and a ton of utility for free? Why does a Maelstrom, by design an active shield tank, have only one more mid than a Hyperion? If it were a 7/7/5 layout and the rokh was 7/8/4 they would see much more use. 6 guns +25% role to compensate. As for the Abaddon 7/4/8. An extra plate or sink would be miraculous for a ship that doesn’t really need it’s own tackle.

When it was rebalanced by ccp rise the feedback from the players was that it was still underpowered. He gave it a bit more power whilst saying ‘this may be too powerful but we’ll see’ (paraphrase).

It’s very good at solo/small gang, but over all is underused when compared to other battleships. Especially the mael and baddon.

The rokh however I’d agree may need some help. Perhaps the merlin/moa treatment will give it more flexibility.

Edit- i take it back. shows the rokh being used quite a bit.

as the best (highest yield) mining ship available to alphas? Or a smartbombing platform?

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Seems quite common yes.

Do you guys think they would be too strong with the proposed change?

And turn them into all-purpose weapons.

The rokh, baddon and mael are good in fleet fights. The Hyperion has short lock range and is more reliant on drone bay for dps that makes them less suited for big fleet battles.

To give the other three utility makes them powerful at both.

I think battleships as a whole could still be looked at to give them a stronger role in the game (probably fleet size slugfests). But looking at just tier 3 is going to focus on the wrong problems and provide the wrong solutions.

Personally I just want the Hyperion to go back to being an 8-gun ship because I die a little inside to see that glorious 8-turret model only showing 6 turrets. :cry:

But, vanity concerns aside, I think your issue with the Hype is largley due to you still thinking in terms of the old tier system. The Hyperion isn’t really the “fleet battleship” for the Gallente, the Megathron is. When you look at the Mega compared to the Maelstrom, Rokh, and Abbadon, it fits in reasonably well.

Now, if anything, I think either the Apoc or the Abbadon need this kind of treatment you’re talking about. The 'Geddon is arguably one of the most versatile ships in the game, but her sister battleships are the exact opposite. I feel like one of them could be given a bit more utility so there’s more of a sliding scale there.

Battleships as a whole need a going over tbh. With capitals the way they are, and assault frigates being an almost direct counter to them, they are pressured on both sides and left with only really 1 ship class to effectively counter, which is battlecruisers. Battleship/capital relationship does not match the rest of EVE’s ship ecosystem. Such as, you can take a ship class smaller against something larger, and if fit correctly, can come out on top fairly consistently. There are very few, possibly no battleship that go against capitals consistently and come out on top. Anyway, that’s beside the point of your post. It does highlight some issues with BS though when people talking about a “fleet” of battleships. They can get bombed off the map, they are tracked easily by LR Titans or HAW Dreads, they can get countered by frigates and even things like Ferox can win the isk war and get comparable range w/ better tracking.

Regardless of that tangent, I do agree that i would be nice to see the “Tier 3” battleships get some more massaging.

The Abaddon did just get a buff, and technically, you can drop 1 gun for a neut now and have almost the same dps as you did before the damage buff (its like 20-30 dps less IIRC). You don’t gain a low or anything, but you do gain the utility you’re asking for. The Abaddon could really go for some more cap as a starting point.

The Rokh is so-so. Its got godawful scan resolution (93mm), which is the same as a non NSA’d nidhoggur and is less than a naglfar/rev and only 6mm higher than a phoenix. Buffing that will help it some, at least it will feel a bit livelier. Removing a gun actually makes its dps even more lethargic for a battleship, you’d probably want to move a low to a mid if anything. 5 low caldari ships are stupid for the race that is supposed to be shield focused. Since both the rokh and mael have the same layout, which makes no sense.

Also for the Rokh, to help make it more flexible and open up some new roles for it, give it 4 more missile launcher hardpoints (8 total). This means it can be fit with 8 guns or 8 missiles depending on what you want to do. They would be unbonused missiles, but it would effectively be the same thing as a Navy Raven (which also doesn’t have a missile damage bonus), but has good alpha. So it would turn into a hybrid of a Scorpion Navy Issue (shield resist) and Raven Navy Issue (Missile alpha). Which might create some new niche roles for the ship without drastically changing it as a Hybrid/Rail platform.

The Maelstrom is a bit trickier, its not necessarily a bad ship for solo or fleets, its just outclassed by other options or countered easier. It suffers from some cap issues as well and could maybe go for slightly more speed and possibly a sig reduction just to keep with minmatar flavor. Could also possibly go with a 7.5% RoF bonus to give it a sizable damage boost, but i think some smaller stat tweaks would be a better starting point for it.


The Rohk can be fairly strong and does a solid 1200dps with long range blasters that can reach out to 48km.
Smartbombs - what a shame :frowning:

The Rokh could, just needs to be properly fit.

It’s a travesty that sniping was erased from the game by probing to 0km - I strongly believe that sniping should be a thing again and the Rohk can shoot out to 250km with very little effort.

The Abaddon does a very solid 1400dps now with conflag - ouch.

The Hyperion is not really suited for fleet stuff, the Rohk and Abaddon can do it better and are supposed to.

Sad thing is that the Caldari ships are treated like a step-child with the low sensor resolution but I will make it my mission to remidi that.

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