What is the Abaddon used for

what does it do as I only see the two other ships used insted

I know its use only for one thing, as siege engine of war. Shooting citadels.

That’s the leshaks job now.

It does lots of damage. It is very tanky. It runs out of capacitor.

I’ve used it as bait before since it takes a real beating but also very engageable.

then why no tech two of it?

There’s no T2 versions of the Hyperion, Rokh, Abaddon and Maelstrom as CCP obviously are reticent about making too many powerful, expensive battleships given how difficult marauders and black ops are to balance.


Fit ewar on, it’s a ship an enemy FC will regret saying ‘shoot this abaddon it’s using strong ewar on our fleet’

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thats not a tech two verison of that though

Ahh, sorry Paladin in T2 of Apocalypse.

Then maybe make them niche like edencom?

6375.0 GJ is really an awful capacitor amount and could use vast improvement.

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It fills the niche no one else wants to: there’s a good ship in that tier, and then there’s another good ship, and then there’s a bad’un.

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OP, the Abbadon has armor resistance bonuses, and is the armor counterpart to the Rokh in that regard. That makes both of them well suited for smartbombing.

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The Abaddon was a raw damage dealer with still very good projection. It greatly outguns and outtanks the Apoc and the Armageddon, but with reduction of the Armor Hull Boni from +5% per Level to +4% per level any ship with 8 low slots (Navy Geddon, Navy Apoc, Leshak) is just better as it could just fit an EANM to the additional low and get better results than +20% to all resistances. Also NavyGeddon & NavyApoc were much more rare when the Abaddon had its glorious times and the Leshak didn’t exist.

What the Abaddon needs to be competitive again is more cap and an 8th lowslot, as you would expect from the TopTier Amarr BS. But imho all the Tier3 BS need a buff, since they all are completely overshadowed by the Leshak and the newly buffed Navy Battleships. Hyperion, Rokh and Maelstrom are not in much better shape.

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Huh, a noob Abbadon? :wink:

Actually I’ve shot abandoned (corp inactive for many years) Highsec towers with Abaddons. Much time, no enemies, and you do not have to recharge T1 crystals.

Here is a vast list of what to do with an Abaddon

I remember back in the day… the 1 Million EHP Abaddon.

Capacitor is moot since most fights never last enough for it to matter. Most Amarr ships had that issue, raw damage but never cap stable.

But then again back then Lazers actually made my bass work with it thumping heavy sound. Especially the Heavy Mega Pulses. Now it makes the same sounds my parrot makes to me when I point my finger gun at him… pewpew…

I actually think I still have some ships left from back when with large rigs on cruisers.

Its job is to blow out its own capacitor.

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