Abaddon... WTF?

Holy crap! I just tried to fit one of these things. It took three ancillary current routers in the rigs, PLUS more fitting stuff elsewhere. And my fitting skills are basically maxed.

What’s wrong with this thing? Or is there something I’m not ‘getting’ about it?

What is your Fit that made it require 3 ANC Rigs.

I’m not in game right now, so I can’t give you the exact fit, but I didn’t consider it anything exotic or special. Tachyon IIs in the highs, heat sink IIs in lows plus armor repairer and whatever else (I think a CPU module), some kind of prop mod in mids, and I think tracking modules.

Those TAC will eat PG like nobodies business, longest range but the worst tracking. Pulse II with Scorch might be better. I also assume you have perfect fitting skills because Abad are notorious difficult to fit without perfect fitting skills.

Might also need to clarify… I have never fitted a Abad for anything but PVP. So I never needed to use Beams. I remember the days when the 1MIL EHP Abad was possible. I still have a SAC with Large Armor rigs stored somewhere.

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I would have used Pulses but I haven’t trained tech II on those yet. But I had trained Tachs previously due to running incursions in a Nightmare.

probably better off with megabeams, tachs seem to mainly work on nightmares/paladins as they only need to fit 4 with their turret bonuses.


MB IIs are the real go to on Amarr BSes on the whole.

Apoc ftw

Yeah. That ship is pretty low on recources to fit. Rokh is the same.

The heavy long range weapon version always eat PG, u gota be smart when fitting those and to which ship.

Clearly you know nothing

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Each Battleship works well in a certain role, and is a challenge to fit for extremely different roles. The Abaddon is a close range brawling monster - huge damage (1000dps at close range) using Pulse Lasers with a huge buffer tank (150-200k EHP is not uncommon) designed to wade into a fight, supported by logistics and really hurt things as part of a fleet. It’s rather Amarrian really.
It’s not a good mission ship - not in the “long range, active tank” common flavour of mission ships. I’ve used an active tank Pulse Abaddon for missions and it’s hard work (40-50km with Scorch as I recall), you end up plodding around trying to close range on targets and worrying about capacitor.
So saying, if you can catch up with them you can hit them really hard!

The Apocalyse is the normal T1 Mission Amarr battleship - it’ll take Mega Beam lasers and a reasonable active tank - The range bonus directly translates to damage for Energy Turrets as you can easily use Pulse Lasers instead of Beams and flip to higher damage crystals as the fight evolves. It’s a nice medium to longer range battleship as well, but even that will struggle to fit Tachyons.

The real problem is the Tachyons - they are not a general purpose weapon. They have specialist uses where the range is important or there are fitting bonuses that mitigate their fitting costs as @Chainsaw_Plankton commented, and @Kannibal_Kane is right about the tracking; you ain’t going to hit things easily). But even then, to gain their advantage you have to trade off something else (tank normally) - but that is Eve for you: Where in the triangle of Firepower/Speed/Defence do you want to be?

If you’ve trained Tachyon IIs, which means you have Large Energy Turret V already, then training T2 Large Pulse Lasers is going to take you minutes - may be a day to get a few percent more damage.

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I believe large pulse requires level V on one of the tracking skills, and a large-ish (30 day or so) train time.

Nah man… use that Billions of ISK in your wallet and buy just enough skill injectors to satisfy that skill requirement and voila… sorted. :slight_smile:

You are right - it requires Motion Tracking V; though it’s not that big a deal, just over a week of training as I recall.
If you are using large beam lasers it’s worth training Motion Tracking for the tracking bonuses anyway. Getting Large Pulse Turrets as a result is just the icing on the cake.

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