The trials and tribulations of an Amarr Level 4 Mission Runner

I have been using an Abaddon for mission running, and I was doing quite well. I manage my cap well, and I was doing quite well, until I got to the Sansha Epic Arc mission Raging Sansha.

I am looking to go in a new direction. Any suggestions on fits for Amarr Battleships?

Get a nightmare. Fit tachs.

Or an Armageddon with drones and torpedos or cruise missiles.

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I had reasonable success with an Apocalypse. No direct damage bonuses on the hull, but the optical range and tracking bonuses will give you very good damage application with the 8 pulse laser turrets. 7 lowslots (8 if you go for the Navy version) gives you plenty of room to fit a mission specific tank and a few heatsinks, while you have 4 midslots for capacitor modules and a scripted tracking computer. Not the quickest level 4 missionrunner unless you come up against something weak vs. EM, but that’s inevitable with lasers. Really comes into its own once you can fit T2 large pulses and use Scorch.

what was wrong with the abaddon
was it the tracking tracking disruptors

probably. not to mention baddon is actually worst missioner of the 3 due to horrible cap issues. I swear i have to put cap modules just to fire those lazors.

I’ve suggested a missile fit Geddon in the past. Since the Geddon is a drone boat whatever weapons you fit to the high slots will always be a secondary weapon in terms of damage output. Another detail to be aware of is that missile launchers need a lot of CPU compared to similar sized turrets, and CPU is something the Geddon does not have huge amount of. One T2 RHML needs 59Tf of CPU, a T2 cruise launcher needs 66Tf and a T2 torp launcher needs 88Tf. A full set (5) of T2 RHML’s on a Geddon will need either a low slot CPU module or a T1 CPU rig to make the full fit of the ship work. A full set of T2 cruise launchers will need both a CPU module and a CPU rig. A T2 CPU rig by itself might work, but it will need most of the rig calibration points, so expect to not have enough points to fit three rigs. A full set of T2 torp launchers is going to be a genuine struggle to fit on a Geddon. A set of T1 meta “Malkuth” torp launchers will fit OK since they need slightly less CPU than a T2 cruise launcher.

The next detail is missile range. Torps have the shortest range. Without any rigs or modules that improve missile range, with decent skills you shouldn’t expect much more than 20km from them. RHML’s can give you more than double that range, just under 50 km. Cruise missiles have more than double that range again, over 110 km.

So since the Geddon is primarily a drone boat what drones should you select? If you go for cruise missiles, you might as well pick a set of sentries that can match the range of the cruise missiles. Caldari Wardens or Minmatar Bouncers, plus a pair of Drone Link Augs in the two spare high slots to get the most use out of their shooting range. Bouncers can be effective out to 100km and Wardens can be effective out to 117 km. With an Omni Tracking Link module in a mid slot Bouncers can reach 110 km and Wardens can reach 128 km. You’ll either need to set your drones to aggressive, or fit a sensor booster to lock targets further than 80 km on a Geddon. A T2 SEBO will give the Geddon a 105km targeting range without a range script. Long range sentries have tracking problems once a target gets close to you, so prioritise the smallest and fastest ships with the sentries while they’re burning to you and get the cruise missiles working on the bigger/slower targets. This is really a sniping setup, which may not be what you prefer.

With an RHML setup, you could drop the SEBO since the Geddon’s base targeting range is significantly more than the missile range with RHML’s, but you’d be vulnerable to sensor damping. You could use some shorter range sentries like Amarr Praetors or Gallente Gardes but you’re tying yourself down in terms of defending/protecting your sentries if they get a lot of aggro. Replacing the SEBO with a Drone Navigation Comp could make heavy drones more viable for medium range brawling, but you’ll need to micro-manage your drones more when dealing with smaller ships that heavy missiles won’t apply their damage to very well. You could also drop one Drone Link Aug from a high slot to free up some CPU since having a drone control range of more than 100 km doesn’t make a lot of sense if you fit for fighting at around 40 - 60 km range. You could potentially drop both Drone Link Augs and still have a drone control range of 60 km.

Something like this maybe. Some T1 Meta units used to avoid needing any CPU rigs/modules:

[Armageddon, *Simulated Armageddon]
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Large Armor Repairer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II

100MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Sensor Booster II
Drone Navigation Computer II
Astro-Inertial Compact Missile Guidance Computer

Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I
Large Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

Ogre II x5

Inferno Fury Heavy Missile x125

Add more drones as preferred.

Replacing a BCS with another Drone Damage Amp will give a bit more dps but for my skills this fit shows 1091 dps and 58 km missile range in the in-game fitting sim. There is enough free CPU available to swap the AB for a MWD or a MJD. Possibilities for the two spare high slots are an auto-targeting system and a Nos, but a Nos will use up the CPU needed to fit a MWD or MJD without fitting a CPU rig or module. Adding a Drone Link Aug to a high slot also causes CPU problems if you want an MWD or MJD.

Nightmare with Tachyons is a great choice. I’m sure the Apocalypse could make good use of them too


My thoughts as well. If I had to choose an Amarr ship for level 4 missions it would be a Paladin.
Second on the list although not specifically Amarr would be the Nightmare mentioned ny Wolfgang.

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