Armageddon Navy Issue options

I’m a returning player from around a decade ago, and so only just realised the changes in some of my favourite ships. Two of them were my Tachyon Beam Armageddon and Armageddon Navy Issue, which have now changed to drone boats with neut/nos bonuses. I’ll have to sell the Armageddon and probably invest in a new Apoc or something, but the Navy Geddon still looks usable for missions.

I notice a lot of the Navy Geddon’s fits use Cruise Missiles, which look like great fun to use. I also have a Raven for missions, though, so in the interest of variety, are lasers still usable on it? The ship still has bonuses to lasers, although it no longer has the reduction in activation cost which made lasers usable (in terms of cap management) in the first place. However, with only five turrets compared to the seven before (which will reduce drain on the cap), has anyone run a laser Geddon with any success (possibly with nos support on the cap), or should I just refit it with Cruise Missiles? I could just fly a Megapulse Apoc (which works really well), but few things made me smile like those seven Tachyon Beam Lasers scorching majestically across the battlefield.

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Welcome back! (just returning myself after a few years) It all depends on what you’re going to be utilizing it for. If you’re sticking with L4 missions I’d look at (eventually) moving into a pulse Paladin as the end-goal as this has been really buffed and can put out just incredible DPS (and I think the lasers would be closer to your original play style).

You can make the Navy Armageddon work with any configuration (missiles or lasers), but drones are obviously now a huge component. There are some (expensive) dual drone/missile damage modules which are very handy (search for ‘Hivaa’). Rapid heavy missile launchers are also really effective against smaller NPCs so something you should look into as well.

Feel free to hit me up in-game - happy to help out!

Thanks! I use drones a lot - I think the old Geddon could field a full squad of Wardens, so I had already trained most of the drone skills to max anyway. I’d actually be happy using drones as the main source of damage without having to skill for a Dominix. I’ll give the Tachyons a go since I already have them fit anyway - if the cap remains stable I think this would be an even better setup than the old Geddon. If it doesn’t work then I’ll switch to Cruise Missiles. Could always swap the lasers out for missiles when the mission specifies non-Sansha/Blood Raiders, and get best of both worlds, but will have to try first. So many options for the Navy Geddon now!

Paladin is gorgeous, but I prefer the Navy Apoc with Megapulse lasers - when the beams are so tiny, eight of them firing in unison, with both groups of four in perfect symmetry, look much cooler! One day I might end up flying a Marauder, but all four are gorgeous ships, and it’ll take a while to decide which one as I can fly three of them already.

Marauders now do 2x the damage previously when in Bastion, so it’s quite significant. Some of the polarized pulse and blaster fits are reaching upwards of 6000 DPS… On my Golem marauder I’m getting 3000+ DPS with torpedoes out to 80km… (and that’s a mainly T2 fit).

The revamped Pirate ships (Machariel, Rattlesnake, etc.) have also seen generous upgrades as well (the Rattlesnake can easily hit close to 2000 DPS).

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