Armageddon fittings

This may require the input of someone who has been playing a long time…

I played a long time ago, stopped in 2007, and just now picked it back up again. When I logged in, it wouldn’t let me undock because I had too many turrets fitted. My Armageddon had 7 heavy pulses (I think… not online right now), but had to take off 2 because it only has 5 turret hard points. What changed in fitting rules since then?


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They were redesigned as Neut/NOS/Drone hulls, among other things.

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Armageddon is a decent drone boat now, with bonuses to drones, neutralizers and nosferatooz. The geddon navy issue is a laser boat now if that’s what you are looking for. I’m not very familiar with the amarr ships, so I’m not sure what they used to be. They are in the queue though. I’ll fly them someday.

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Rapid Heavies. Everything else is useless. Fit it like this:

For PVE, ignore the rapid heavies and instead fit Drone Link Augs, medium remote shield/armore repairers to repair your sentries.


In the time period since you last played, a number of ships were rebalanced/repurposed. Some ships will have lost a mid slot and gained a low, others got new ship traits, others had turret numbers, power grid or CPU changed, etc.

When you fire up any of the older ships, take a look at the fitting window first. Slotted gear that is no longer functional should be highlighted red to be removed; you may have new empty slots to fill, etc. Then check the ship traits to see if it still has the same design/purpose as you used to have. Then maybe google the Eve University description/update for that ship to see how other people are using it now.

That should bring you mostly up to speed.

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