Armageddon Rigs

Do neuting Armageddon usually use drone rigs or not? Each drone rig means one less armor or capacitor rig. You can’t neut if you’re blown up or out of capacitor.

Armor rigs to survive as long as possible usually

armor as katya said or capacitor rigs is the way to go.

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Cap boosted fits will use tank rigs, most will be buffer fit with trimarks, though the dual repper fit exists and can be surprisingly effective in solo and small gang activities.

cap battery fits may use a combination of armor and cap rigs.

Turretted geddons (still with two neuts) will generally use a T2 damage rig and two T1 trimarks to maximize rig fitting use and minimizing cost.

In all cases a PG rig may be used, please consult Pyfa or another fitting tool to explore options and pick the best fit to account for your char’s skills and effectiveness.

I’m often given a buffer tank ship (maximize EHP, by plate or hardener any means neccesary) heavy missile, blaster, or torp fit with neuts, but I was wondering what would be best if for the full capacitor warfare fit. Thank you for answering. I know the theory behind duel rep fits for small gang, but I’m always like “ah no, that’s double the cap useage” and I’ll probably swap one out for a plate or reinforced bulkheads like I did the last time I was given a Butrix. I know when I’m given a ship it’s going to be better than any substitutions I came make, but the three times I got capped out in a duel rep ship by 3/4/7 dragoons haunt me.

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