Fitting armour

so I join the game a short while ago, finally got some time to play it. I finished career missions and got a coercer. since a traditional amarr ship need to fit armour, I want to put some armour on it. I already put 2x100mm crystalline carbon thing, but I want to replace them with tougher ones. as I dont quite understand “RIGS”, I prefer to put them on low slots. thanks.

There really is No quick answer for that.
Eve univerity is a good starting Point.
First understand Slots:
Rig, Low, mid, High
Then Understand Tanking approaches:
Speed Tanking, Buffer Tanking, active Tanking, logistics

When you so Not have the desire to read all this at once ask specific questions.

  • Which ship you want to fit
  • pve/PvP - be as specific as possible
  • expected damage Type

From posted fits and discussion why to use which Module you will learn.
Take your time. :wink:

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At the beginning, you should study and try standard fittings. EVE Uni is a very good source of knowledge for new players, and they have fitting patterns for every T1 ship.
EVE Uni fitting suggestions for a Coercer

A good Corporation that welcomes new players will have a whole load of example fittings (aka a ‘doctrine’), and even perhaps free ships - I’ll leave it to others to define ‘good corporation’ though :slight_smile:


oh thanks for the replies!

I fly the coercer, want to armour tank, want to fit them on low slots. doing SOE epic arc now. the thing is, I would love to follow the guid fitting on EVE university, but I can’t afford all those dual light anode particle streams (and they look similar to beam lasers). and what are rigs???

so far I am not doing great in SOE epic arcs, but I am not suffering too bad.

Rigs are ‘permanent’ augmentations to your ship. Unlike high/mid/low slots which can be unfitted, rigs can only be taken of a ship by destroying it.

So you can use rigs to augment your ships tank, weapons, fitting room (cpu, powergrid), capacitor, drones, speed etc but you have to be a bit more sure on what to use them for or be okay with destroying them if you want to change them

(sorry for those who don’t like to see me linking google results and eve wiki but…)
google eve + rigs
click on

and, OP, you can hardly write “as I dont quite understand “RIGS”, I prefer to put them on low slots”. It is like saying “i don’t understand money” while playing the monopoly… They are here to be used

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Not strictly true, there are a few high-skill expensive ships (T3 Strategic Cruisers) where rigs can be removed intact - but for the majority of ships they’re destroyed on removal.

oh ok thanks

After doing the career agents? huh…ok…

But - Sisters of EvE (SoE) epic arc doesn’t need to be started with a destroyer such as the Coercer (though it is a fine ship). A Frigate-class ship is ok to start the SoE arc with. If you want to stay with Amarr (and really, who wouldn’t) the Punisher is a good Amarr armour frigate. During the arc you will make the isk to outfit a destroyer if you like.

Armour plates such as your 100mm crystalline are generally better for pvp / buffer tanks than pve such as the SoE arc, actually. For pve you might wish to use an “active” tank with an Armor Repair module and modules that increase your armour resistances to damage. Perhaps even a Damage Control module for at least awhile also.

Read read read.


Well, they are expensive in Amarr
But you can definitely fit a Coercer in Amarr spending less than 1m ISK.

You may also fit Dual Light Beam Laser I or that kind - or travel to Jita for shopping. Be aware that Markets are regional.

ok, so I will fit some dual light beam lasers now, they seems to be a little worse than anode particle streams. I see that Jita sells things at cheap price, but I also heard that its very dangerous there. if I fly a frigate/destroyer there, how safe am I?

ok guys I improved my fit based on the advices.

[Coercer, Random Rick’s Coercer]
Small I-a Enduring Armor Repairer
100mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates
100mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates

5MN Microwarpdrive I
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I

sadly, my capacitor will run out in 40 seconds.

You’ll probably be fine. Just don’t go there if you’re in a war.

In general beam lasers have longer range, pulse lasers shorter range but often higher damage. Both types of laser have their place.

Perhaps consider joining a corp. I am an advocate of people joining a decent corp that will teach them the basics of EvE.

Good luck!


thanks for all your help!

As this is NCQA, I used the general rule that rigs have to be destroyed and not the exceptional case of a T3 cruiser that is in the first place not really a new player ship.

First of all. As mentioned, plates are usually used more in PvP where you need to overcome a high amount of damage in a very short time. In PvE (missions), it is more common to tank based on resists and repair (Damage will be lower but spread out more over time).

If you switch your plates for mission specific hardeners it will help in 2 ways:

  1. You will take less damage, so there is less to repair
  2. The plates add HP to your armour amount, which means you need MORE cycles of your amour repper to fix that, which drained your cap for longer.

As for your capacitor only lasting 40 second…that is because the fitting window expects you to use all the modules, all the time.

Which is not the case you can manage your capacitor by only using modules as need. If you are in range, no need to run that MWD. If you are in full shields, no use running an armour repper already.
Work that cap yourself.

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But facts are facts, nonetheless…

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so damage control I would be a decent module? I see it decrease some damage.

or just add more armour repair? because Amarr ships uses armour.

as Xuxe Xu wrote, i strongly suggest you to join a newbie-friendly corp where you will learn the basics and get some friends