2 battleships with sentries

Not quite able to use sentry 2s yet, but was wondering whether I should do level 4s with 2 battleships. If I placed them 100km apart, would their sentries have any trouble clearing frigs of the other battleship?

shouldn’t have any issues… but I know come tomorrow I got my Navy Armageddon ready!

going to use be using t2 sentries and cruise missiles!!!

might throw some lasers on it later to see what happens but cruise missiles + drones go so well together and Domininx is a crappy ship not blessed by god and the empress.

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When I did missions , long ago did it in a raven, and using cruise , I found it frustrating how long it took to kill anything smaller than a BS, even a BC. Nice thing about guns, is the smaller they are, aslong as you can hit them, the faster they fall.

thats the great thing about Navy Armageddon… drones/lasers/missiles all can be your main source of damage ON TUESDAY… but imma guess missile/drone will do best with the faction damage mod for missiles/drones…ohhh add in hydra implants also…basically similar to a guristas pirate ship but in AMARR style

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Target signature radius still affects the quality of turret hits, reducing DPS.

Target painters universally make this easier to hit/increase damage for ALL WEAPON TYPES. but they do not increase raw damage. just make you do more of your (max) dps.

perfect for a Navy Armageddon!!!

Had a look at the sentries. The longest range is the warden doing 46 dps at optimal of 75km. The leshak I use can fit 4 of them so less than 200 dps at 75km, but at 100km it will be doing almost half the dps if every shot hit perfectly as almost at falloff range so maybe 100 dps for 4 sentries if lucky.

Sentries have the resolutuion of heavy guns, my rail astarte with medium guns has trouble popping ceptors at less than 50km, sentries would probably have trouble hitting them at 100km.

general rule is Caldari sentriesused for LONG RANGE/worst tracking, Gallente used for SHORTER-MEDIUM with best tracking
(amarr is happy medium range/tracking and Minmatar are also technically happy medium but also have a large FALLOUT range)

IGNORING damage type… I prefer amarr/caldari sentries. (gallente do the most damage but have the worst range, and I prefer range)

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