Buff Tier 3's

hello people

I believe tier 3 battleships (abaddon, hyperion, rokh, maelstorm) need a buff in CPU, POWER extra HP and an additional 1-2 slots.

Anyone agree with me?


What are the specific weaknesses you see in each that you feel need addressing, and why?

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They all are not worth the price premium compared to tier 1 and 2 or single tier as the two other battleships now are

That’s an incredibly generic answer and has more to do with supply and demand than it does the stats and usages of the ship.


OK, so i’ll try to be more specific then
Abaddon has cap issues
hyperion has not enough DPS
Rokh has not enough DPS
Maelstorm is missing HP

I’m not an expert with these specific hulls but

abaddon is a laser ship, you can put a battery on to extend cap life. It’s really more for sustained fights against larger targets. You could use it to wear down HAW dreads quite cheaply.

Hyperion has no lack of dps it is one of the better battleships. Treat it like an oversized myrmidon. Wear your opponent down.

Rokh is like abaddon but just different skillset. It used to have a time and a place but these days it’s largely obsolete due a particular weakness to bombers thanks to fat sig.

Maelstrom is kind of archetypal minmatar ship, it can be fit in multiple ways and your opponents needs to take an educated guess. If they make a mistake it’s their fault.


Also, the recent Alpha Strike event generated a large supply of Battleships as a reward. These ships probably flooded the market driving those prices down. Give it time and they will rebound.

Oh and I don’t believe cost was ever a balancing point on BSes. And if it was, the solution would be to reduce mineral requirements.

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Wait 1300dps is above what the others can do. How is that not “enough”?


[quote=“Pur3Bl00D, post:5, topic:57101, full:true”]
OK, so i’ll try to be more specific then

Abaddon has cap issues[/quote]
It also has an absolute beast of a tank. The cap issue can be easily solved by either fitting it with Artillery rather than Lazorz, or by bringing along Logi cruisers who can feed them cap.

Hyperion has plenty of DPS, it can just have some issues applying that DPS to smaller targets. This is a common problem faced by L size weapons.

Rokh can apply that DPS at a ridiculous range.

Maelstrom has an insane Alpha Strike at respectable range. It’s bonused for Shield Boosters.


They could all be great active tanked solo PvP ships.
All they need is a small cargo buff by more than 200%

The Abaddon is not alone with the capacitor “issue”. The Hyperion and the Rokh will cap themselves out very quickly by just shooting their guns.

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the fix is simple : don’t shoot your guns.

Shoot the SB instead.

See one rokh? Take a missle assoult frigate and laugh

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Abaddon is a big amarr laser boat, they all have cap issues, it’s the tradeoff with lasers.
Hyperion can easily push 1-1.4k dps, stop spewing ■■■■, it has a full rack of blasters + full flight of heavies.
Rokh is pretty clearly a sniping ship, its got an optimal range bonus and hybrids do enough dps without damage bonuses anyway.
Maelstrom is a heavy active tank shield ship, it’s tank is in shield boosting, not buffer.

Tier 3 battleships are not the only sad battleships in EVE at the moment.


Price is not a balancing issue. Its a supply and demand issue.
Hyperion has a metric crap-tonne of dps. Fit it with blasters, local reppers, grappler, and go to town.
Rokh and Mael are fine. They are both used in nulsec main-line dps/alpha fleets.

And if goons would bring 5000 stabbers to highsec, that would make people believe that the stabber is the most op ship in the game.

Being used by a blobb doesn’t mean the ship is good but there is other ship with the same or better abilities.

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Jump Rokhs are a thing that works rather well

All of these ships can be fitted with Large Smartbombs.
Just sayin…

the abaddon with its armor tanking resist bonuses seems most suited for it though