Buff Tier 3's

(gnshadowninja) #21

These battleships are absolutely fine and have their role, I stopped reading when OP said Hyperion doesn’t have enough DPS.

What other ship tanks that much and delivers over 1300 dps?

(Pur3Bl00D) #22

hyperion in EFT has 682 neutral blasters II with void, 755 with a rapid heavy missile that it only has PG to fit… is that enough for the most expensive battleship … ?

(Quelza) #23

That 682 figure is from a naked fit with just the guns loaded and no DPS mods, rigs, or drones added. So basically you’re arguing that the Hyperion shouldn’t have to fit a Mag. Field Stabilizer or two among its many low slots to achieve ship-melting DPS? And that its drone complement shouldn’t be considered in the calculation of DPS?

I just don’t understand this line of thinking you’re on with the price argument. It’s not expensive because it’s expected to have high performance. It’s expensive because there is not a high demand for active-tanked brawling battleships in the large fleet meta. Buffing its performance isn’t going to change that.

(JC Mieyli) #24

tbh its not really about bses but all ships in general
pirate meta kinda destroys everything else
i feel all ships should be pirate standard and pirate should have specialised role to separate it from non faction
the truth is most bses suck
the only bses that shine are pirate bses
like you can say mael is fine
but it cant even fit a neut without dropping a gun

(gnshadowninja) #25

This is without implants to push it to 1700, Ill let myself out.

Edit : Just to add, even with all 3 mag stabs turned off I get 1k DPS.

Learn to fit ships before complaining about them needing ‘buffs’

(Caleb Seremshur) #26

probably just got babby’s first battleship and wonders why his dps is low. No t2 guns no battleship 5.

(elitatwo) #27

I usually fit only 2 magstabs but with orges you still hit 1235dps cold and 1400 with heat.

(system) #28

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