Make Everything Escalate

(Eternal Montage) #1

I’d like it if everything escalated. Everything.

(Makshima Shogo) #2

You wouldn’t because all the loot would be worth 100k isk.

(Eternal Montage) #3

I’m not saying have everything escalate into existing expeditions. I mean, say your mining a roid and it escalates to a pocket of nice rocks. Or you’re doing a mission and it escalates to thing. Or you’re doing a thing and it escalates into some other thing. You wouldn’t have to pursue every escalation you get, but some of them would be worth it and it would provide you with more options and changes from the monotony of whatever monotonous pve you’re doing at the time.

Expeditions are one of the coolest forms of pve in the game imo and they’re entirely under used as a method of injecting variation into pve.

(Frostys Virpio) #4

It would still all be monotonous because people would only do the “worthwhile” ones.

(Makshima Shogo) #5

Expeditions are awsum, just wish you didn’t have to travel so far maybe 3 jumps between them would be good. Escalations from mining/gas harvesting could be very interesting thou, if the escalation was random and depending on your luck have a chance to get an epic pocket with valuable stuff, or relic/data escalation to a pocket with 20 cans * _ * that would be pretty fun.

A different type of combat escalation could be fun aswell, instead of a whole complex you could get an escalation to a system and there would be a special enemy on the belt that is difficult to take down and since it’s on a belt anyone would be able to warp in and would provide more belt pvp, as I don’t really see people fighting on belts these days, maybe back when I started but not now. (and I don’t mean a dreadnaught because those are not solo-able for 90% of the population)

(Eternal Montage) #6

If you’re grinding missions and then suddenly you get an escalation and it’s one of “the good ones” wouldn’t that break the monotony of doing missions? Suddenly you have the option of going 2-3 jumps away, maybe even in lowsec, use a totally different ship, different strategy, have a chance at making some extra isk, some special drops, or extra LP who knows, or maybe you just ignore it, because you prefer to stay put. I mean options are fun. Options break monotony. The arguement that you would “just do the good ones”; i mean yeah maybe, but that doesn’t mean you always have the opportunity to do that escalation. You get what the game randomly gives you.

Right this is exactly what I’m saying. Short escalations, variety. “Go kill this a-hole in a nearby belt”, “We just got coordinates to some rare ore”, “Go investigate this wreck”, “Help this distress call”. Emergent situations.

(Makshima Shogo) #7

It would definitely break up the monotony of isk grind for sure.

(Do Little) #8

You shouldn’t know if it’s “one of the good ones” until you complete it and loot the wrecks. Perhaps a 5% chance of something exceptional, 20% chance or above average, 50% chance of average, 20% chance of below average and 5% chance complete waste of time.

With mining, perhaps the asteroids are “unknown” until the ore starts to arrive in your hold - maybe it’s high value, maybe not and each rock in the expedition belt has a chance to be a rich one. You need to do some actual prospecting to find them.

Rewards should be material - not ISK. We don’t need to open the ISK faucets any wider. With material goods the market will determine the price.

(Daichi Yamato) #9

You mean like a story line mission?

(elitatwo) #10

Maybe it is repetitive but I like to make isk in the process. If I have to do other things, I won’t be making isk and everything is expensive enough.

(Eternal Montage) #11

The idea here is you don’t have to do expeditions, they’re optional. Options are good. You may not choose to follow the escalation, but others might. This means more variation and hopefully more incentive for people to go out to low or null for a worthwhile enough expedition.

Similar sure, but from a different trigger such as a random chance instead of a set number of regular mission completions.

Right, I’m not suggesting this add some massive increase in income overall. Just that it offers occasional opportunities to possibly make slightly more than you would just being static in one system. So I had things like loot primarily in mind. For mining, rich ores as you mentioned.

(Daichi Yamato) #12

Doesn’t have to be the same everytime but some consistency is good. You don’t want it to be random where you can get loads quickly or none in ages.

Missions wise, story missions are your escalation. When missions get redone story missions can get more depth.

Mining wise, anoms are your escalation. I would be dead set against you getting a private belt to mine. Maybe the location and ID of a sig.

(system) #13

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