Make Way for the Fandans is recruiting (PvP, Nullsec, Small Gang)

Make Way for the Fandans is recruiting!

Who are we?

Fandans is a new corporation created by a former core member of AQUILA INC., a WH corp that specialized in nullsec small gang warefare by utilizing the mechanics of WH space itself. We exist to do one thing and that is specialized small gang/solo PvP in the most conflicted regions of EVE. We go where the big guys go, we fight against them all.

We believe the most fun you can have in this game is the adrenaline fueled play style of small gang and solo PvP and the development of mechanical and decision making skills that come with it. We want to deliver this experience to others, even those who think it is far out their reach.

What can Fandans do for you?

When you join and settle in, you become part of a family. There are no pressures to join a roaming gangs, to be on discord 24/7, to have ping alerts on your phone. There are no organized fleet OPs, there are no campaigns or “deployments”.
You will be treated like you have priorities in life, no one is going to kick you or complain because you have to leave mid way through a roam because the baby is needing fed. At Fandans you’re a person, not an asset or a cog.

We can provide a steady stream of PvP content, fitting advice, tips and tricks, feedback on your kills/losses and much more. We aim to help you grow as an individual, so your mechanic skill in small gangs can make a difference.

You can also expect the following:

  • Small gang PvP, 2-6 pilots in an organized, adrenaline fueled skirmishes
  • Feedback and support on ideas, have an idea for a duo comp? A solo fit? A crazy strat? All these things are, we support and encourage them
  • Corp ships can be supplied for certain fleet comps, we work together to build the ideas and then we make it happen (or blow up in a fire, either works)
  • WH exploration. Roaming one region to anther is fine but sometimes you want to just go somewhere random, deep behind the borders, we offer a WH experience as well but purely for the convenciene of travel. Anything that dies between point A and B is just icing

What do we want from you?

First and foremost, we want some commitment. We ask that you bare with us during our growing period, you don’t have to be online everyday and you don’t have to be on Discord either. We do want you to become part of the corp, an important part at that. Chat, invite others along on your roams if you can, help each other. This helps build the corp, if you can do this, the corp with flourish.

We want your actions to matter, to an make impact.

A few things we ask of you, things with a (*) are open to discussion, as they are quite broad:

  • GMT+0 Timezome (UK) idea, + or - 1/2 is also OK.
  • Skills in ships that are suitable* for 2-6 gangs, such as AF, Ceptors, Anti Tackle, Cruisers, T1/T2 logi etc (your lvl5 Capital Hybrid Turret is not much use here!)
  • Financially self sufficient*. You need to have some sort of income to fund your ships, keep in mind however corp fits can be supplied if asked for
  • Able to be on Discord during roams and have a working mic
  • Willing to teach and learn, ask for feedback and give it where required
  • Willing to solo and generate content for yourself and fellow corp members. No one is going to hold your hand, if there are 3 people on station spinning, make something happen
  • Support the corp financially. We don’t want your money, but in order to supply the corp with ships, we need something. All loot from gang PvP should be given to the corp to be sold, it will then be split into 50/50, where 50 goes to the corp. We expect some honesty here. All loot you earn from solo is yours to keep
  • Don’t be a dick

Nice to have

  • Scanning and WH experience and an alt that can do it
  • Solo and small gang PvP fitting theory crafting

Important things to note

The corp is literally brand new. I can’t express this enough. The members base basically exists of one person, myself. The goal is to get the membership to 5-6, so there is always at least one person on at a given time of day. If you don’t have initiative to take up arms and create content for yourself, then you may get bored before things get good. I don’t want this to happen, so you’re more than welcome to chat with me anyway and keep us in mind for when you decide to move corporation.

How to apply

Nothing could be more simple. There is a 3 step process to joining the corp, sort of like a screening.

  1. You join the channel, FANDANS-RECRUITMENT and talk to Gibbo3771
  2. If I like you, one ship fit will be emailed to you. Follow the instructions and reply back
  3. We make up two ship fits that accompany each other well, we pick the busiest nullsec deathtrap we can find on the map. We take both the ships there and see how it goes. By the end of that, we decide if the corp is right for you

It’s a pretty simple process. Getting kills, dying immediately, making a bad call, disagreeing with me, roaming for an hour and getting nothing, making a mistake, and not knowing what XYZ is does NOT affect the outcome of the decision wither the corp is for you or not. Only you, as a person can affect that.
The ship will be paid for by the corp, or rather out of my own personal wallet, so the only firm decision that will be made is the budget. If you want to pay for your own ships, that’s fine too!

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to join the recruitment channel for questions!

Recruitment still open!

Still looking for members, get in contact today and lets go for a roam :slight_smile:.

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