Malawai - Now Hiring with No Drama

Malawai is a small but growing null-sec corporation geared towards PVE. We do weekend roams and the occasional home defense fleet. We are mostly miners and ratters but are looking for more people who like to PVP.

What we can offer you-

No Drama.
10% Corp tax for ratting.
Two systems to utilize for ratting and mining
A 1% tax for refining
T-2 refine on Athanor’s and T-1 refine at corp Tatara’s.
Multiple Azbels all rigged to build T-1 items at reduced ME and TE costs.
A research Azbel for ME/TE and Copy research.
1% tax on all Manufacturing and research jobs.
Access to three ice belts, all in the same system.

What we require-

Discord. If you are ratting or mining you must be in Discord. Your Mic can be muted, but we want to know if you get tackled so we can get help to you as soon as possible.

Register on corp SeAT. This is a tool that allows us access to most information about what you do in game. It is used to help stop awoxers, spys, and botters from joining our corp.

No Drama. Everyone in our corp is above the age of 25. We hate drama.

5 Million SP. We want to make sure you can make it our here in Null. There’s not much point joining the corp if you cant rat and mine in null,

A working Mic.

If you would like to know more or have questions for us please join our in-game channel “Malawai Public”.

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