Maple Syrup Powered Yeets is recruiting!

Hello fellow Capsuleers!

Are you a new pilot, returning vet, someone who maybe wants to play but has tried 5 times and got no where?. Come give it a go with the Maple Syrup Powered Yeets.

I am making my 500th come back in 12 years of eve!. Jokes aside after a few years of on and off again hiatus. I am back and loving the game. Currently based in minmatar faction war. My goal is to patiently wait and plan for the upcoming changes to fw. In the mean time I will be actively looking to form fleets of 3 to 10 pilots to roam both fw and hunt null sec via filaments and other more traditional means.

I am always open to helping new players find a footing within the game. New player friendly fits are available and I have a stash of t1 frig hulls for hand outs to learn.

As the corp grows there will be opportunities for group isk making as well. Come join the fun today!

USTZ focused, some EUTZ fleets on weekends.

In game pub chat: Y33TS
Discord: Maple Syrup Powered Yeets

Shooting ships each day, looking for new pilot’s!.

Shots of Maple Syrup anyone?

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