Market quickbar

These are suggestion for the quickbar in market window.

  • Color option for folders (also for items themselves)
  • “Additional tex” optiont also have option to have icons, For example same icons used in market browser.
  • Option to sort folders freely, instead of automatic sorting that exist now or the ability to chose between the two.
  • Same sorting option as above but for individual items in the folders.
  • Ability to search in quickbar. (the item in different folders is shown)
  • Ability to export and import quickbar.
  • The option to have a quickbar that looks and sorted like the “browse” window, including the subcategories.
    Example 1: you right click on item and select save to quickbar, that one item is shown in the quickbar (the new one) including that items category and sub categories.
    Example 2: you right click on an item in browser and select “add to favorite”. In browser you can chose “show only favorite”.
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