Suggestions for a customizable Market Quickbar (Not sharing with other accounts)

  1. Color option for folders (also for items themselves).

  2. “Additional text” option also have option to have icons, For example same icons used in market browser and or new colored icons

  3. Option to sort folders freely, instead of automatic sorting by text as it sorts now and the ability to chose between the two. (right now to sort folders i use numbers and numbers, dots and letters before the name).

  4. Same sorting option as above but for individual items in the folders (and ability to switch in options).

  5. Ability to live “search” (results shown while typing) in quickbar. ( including the folder or folders that item(s) is in).

  6. Ability to export and import quickbar, NOT to be shared with other accounts but a easy option to backup ones quickbar instead of how one make backups of the quickbar today. (As i have understood it the quickbar is saved locally and not on the server).

  7. The option to have a quickbar that looks and sorted like the “browse” window, including the subcategories. One would be able to select the folder option, as it is now, and the option that items in the quickbar is sorted under the default category.
    Example 1: you right click on item and select save to quickbar, that ONE item is shown in the quickbar including that items category and sub categories.

  8. The ability to mark items as “Favorite” and when checking the box “show favorite” you only see those items.
    Example 1: you right click on an item in market browser and select “add to favorite”. In quickbar AND market browser you can chose “show only favorite”.

Example images:

I am open for more suggestions to add to this thread.
As a trader i would appreciate these kind of quality of life solutions.

Further Suggestions:

  1. “Additional text” color option.

Suggestion 11: to be able to find right folder i have created “marker folders” as seen in the image, it would be nice to have these markers created as a “separator” instead of folders as i have do now.

These separators would take less space and one could color code them, for example, white>gray>white>gray, and so on

suggestion 12: Option to see icon next to item name (in quickbar) based on availability of that item in hanger. This could also be an option one can chose to activate.

The option tho either see the number of items instead of “check mark” or you see number of items when hovering mouse over the “check mark”.

For example: bild

suggestion 13 : Right now when quickbar is open and you look at an item on the market, if you have the item in your quickbar that item is highlighted. This only happens if the folder the item is in is open, if not then the previous item is highlighted. Also the list it not auto scrolling to the highlighted item(you have to scroll u or down to find the highlighted item in your quickbar).

I suggest that the list of items you have in your quickbar auto scrolls to the highlighted item and if the item is in a closed folder the folder then the folder that contains the item is highlighted. If the item is in several folders then nothing happens.

Not a quickbar suggestion but market window related.

Hot key for “export to file” button.