New market ticker display items from custom list

I just noticed the new market ticker and i thought it was a really cool new feature, then i read the patch notes and found out it will only display the most commonly traded items which seems to limit the feature a lot. It would be great if we could customize what items it displays, it could possibly display items that we place in the quickbar tab or even have its very own tab. with this we would be able to keep track of prices for items that we are actually interested in. Anyway just an idea

In case you any of you dont know what im talking about

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I’d say multiple bars and have us be able to reposition them, maybe just have them in a separate window as well. Would love to be able to put one of those bars maybe on the top and bottom of my screen on my industry char.

Delonewolf would also love this since he makes videos where he talks about the market on a weekly basis, he could really appreciate customisation tickers I bet.


I have an idea how to improve it since we can’t choose what to see there and default list is somewhat strange to me. Maybe allow us to choose single folder in Market Quickbar to be list of items to show on ticker.


Honestly I’d settle for it just being the market quickbar.

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