Mass Excelleration Recruiting

After a while away we are looking to rebuild the corp. Currently in High Sec while we intake new members we are only a few jumps away from Low/Null for small gang interactions, whether it being mining ops or roaming and having fun with pvp in null space. In time after becoming self sufficient, we can look at getting located somewhere to call home.

Needs and About Us:
-Speak English (Broken English is still English)
-Discord for comms (Need to have a mic)
-Mainly UStz but not required
-Willing to PVP if you main mining
-Willing to mine if you main PVP
-Located in HighSec, next to LowSec, near NullSec
-Alpha Friendly
-All SP welcome
-Willing to help build the corp and make it a better place to be

If you think this could be the right place for you, msg me here or in game and lets get this going!




Still looking for people to pewpew pixels with us!

Just joined, tiny corporation but seems pretty cool so far!

Thanks buddy!
Glad to have you aboard!

Still looking for pilots to fill our ranks.


Still accepting applications!

Come and have some fun!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mass Excelleration!

Welcoming new members to the corp!

Still growing and accepting more members.

Things are underway nicely. Come join us and be a part of it!

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