MASS [Pandemic Horde] - 2003 Sov Null PVP Corp EU/US Close-knit group of seasoned pilots looking for new recruits

You like pvp and getting a ton of kills and content then Mass is place for you

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Join MASS, see the galaxy, meet new and exciting people and then shoot at them.

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Still have couple of open spaces!

Still chance to join and be part of epic fights like this one

MASS is back
You want to be part of a corp that made history in EvE? You want to make your own history?
Join today!

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Corp Video brought to you by The Holy Emperor Trigger of the Ministry of Amarrian Secret Service (MASS)

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Recruitment is still open!

Trigger wants you!

MASS are a good chill group. Highly recommend them.

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Still couple of spots open :slight_smile:

Selected pilots can still join :wink:

good drama free corp with a long history.

If you are interested in small/midsize pvp then make sure to be part of our Thera group that will create havoc around eve.

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We are looking after new candidates specially if you appreciate small/mid size pvp experience.

We are forming a thera based wing for those of you that just like to pvp and have quick access to targets.

Feel free to talk to us


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We are still recruiting for both null space and thera.

If you enjoy pvp please make sure to check us out.

We have of course space where you can make your iskies when needed


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Our thera wing is growing and we are about to start our first roam and this is the moment for you to join and do this with us.

talk to us and get an idea of what we can offer you


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Sorry what do you mean “thera” or nullsec? What’s the thera part?

Hi surprise

Thanks for asking.

Mass is a nullsec corp part of Pandemic horde who is currently engaged in a war against goons in delve with everyone else:)

We as an alliance hold our own space where out toons can make iskies while we are at “war” but we also have started a new wing within the corp that will focus in pure pvp (small and midsize) out of thera.

Our goal with this wing is to have fun, keep the game simple, drama and TiDi free game experience.

Important to understand is that while we are blue to the whole of eve in delve its just in delve. Outside that region more or less all entities involved are considered hostiles which give us a great hunting opportunity if we are based from there which provide us multiple entries to regions where we can hunt:)

i hope my explanation was good enough:)

If you have more questions feel free to join our discord attached at the top of this post(main)

Thera is a special system in eve that links multiple systems like a gateway which allow you to travel from one side o the map to the other in just a few jumps. I you want to know more just join our discord and ill explain further:)

We are still open for pilots that enjoys both null sov and small/midsize pvp.

Atm we have a dedicated thera wing that will focus in just having fun and just pvp. If you like big brawls/fights then we can offer you also good fleets where you can take part.

just talk to us and we will explain it all


Our thera wing is growing faster than we expected.

take this opportunity before we close the doors to new candidates :slight_smile:

Mass as a corp offers you a good place to call home.

If you like to be part of bigger fleets then you will have enough than you can handle. atm we are engaged in delve against goons.

If you enjoy smaller type of fleets then our thera wing would be a good bet, we focus in having fun and keep our gameplay simple and relaxed.

for more info just join our discord for a chit chat