MASS [Pandemic Horde] - 2003 Sov Null PVP Corp EU/US Close-knit group of seasoned pilots looking for new recruits

The Ministry Of Amarrian Secret Service [MASS] has currently opened up a limited recruitment for certain pilots who we feel will make good additions to our growing close-knit group.

Who we are:

MASS was formed when the gates of New Eden first opened, and came to be renowned in Eve as the winners of the Amarr Championships, netting the corporation a Gold Magnate.

We later founded Stain Alliance, pre-dating official alliances of today - and that started of our long and target-rich journey including us battling the Jovians on several occasions, for example one skirmish in DSS-EZ where we killed a Jovian battleship and looted the Miner II BPO, a technological masterpiece at the time.

In recent years we’ve been part of the Mercenary Coalition and then Shadow Cartel until we landed in our current home, Pandemic Horde.

We’re a bunch of easy-going Eve veterans who have a big interest in PVP! No drama is one of priorities.

Mainly EU TZ but US TZ is about to challenge that.

Currently we’re in the midst of ridding Delve of the Goonswarm menace, and you’re welcome to join us!

Our Zkill:

What we offer:

  • A close, tight knit group of pilots who will move heaven and earth to help you.
  • Content wherever we go in all timezones. Ranging from small-gang all the way to supers with pretty explosions to light up your screen. (not you, ofc)
  • Some of the best logistics and infrastructure in the game for achieving your goals.
  • Great Sov-null access
  • SRP for alliance strategic ops

What our hopes are from you:

  • Able to understand and speak English
  • Have a mic and willing to use it
  • Able and willing to fly doctrine ships, or train for them if unable to currently.
    • Dread and Carrier is a plus.
  • PvP interest and solid understanding of game mechanics.
  • Active and willing to get involved.
    • FC interest a plus - whether small gang or bloc level (we have programs to teach aspiring FC’s)
  • Provide complete and full ESI for all accounts.
  • You are self sufficient.

How do I join?

If you’re interested in joining next steps are:

  • Come hang out with us in Discord -
  • Join MASS Corp ingame channel and reach out to some of us
  • Contact shone / fisty directly

Fly dangerously!

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Veterans, please return :slight_smile:


good corp with good members.

if you like to kill goons then just make sure to talk to our recruitment

Great group of guys with a lot of experience! Come join us in discord and let’s chat!

Still open!

Need more bittervets!

You should tell them the truth, they will become a meat-shield for Test and wont get fights unless you outnumber the enemy 3 to 1. Facts matter, not lies.

Hey, thanks for your hillarious feedback and free bump. It really shows that we are doing the right things down in Delve :wink:

Yesterday we had some fun meat-shielding for test by killing a goon titan and a keepstar, uncontested sadly but meh, you can’t always get what you want!


Daily bump!

Another fine day in Delve! - we killed a Goon super in their staging today and moonwalked out with the dreads

To the top!

Still a lot of GFs to be had in Delve! Come join the discord!

Recent BR where we killed 32b and lost 13.4b: along with a video!

Another faction fortizar down in Delve!

Still actively recruiting!
We recently moved our staging into T5ZI - one jump from the Goon capital of 1DQ - so plenty of action available just one jump out at all hours!

Our UStz is starting to fill up nicely too!

The war is just starting - fleets running 23/7 and non-stop fights with Goons next door to our new home.
Join now!

Recruitment still open

Join MASS and have a blast!!

The war rages on join our public channel and come have a chat “MASS Corp” or join us on discord