85mil SP pilot looking for a PvPvE Null Corp. NA

Returning player just looking for some NullSec fun. Been looking around for a corps to join. Can fly subcap just putting that out there. Prefer to be active corps obviously. USTZ active on the daily. Mail in game or here to get a hold of me.

Hey mate could you pop on our discord for a chat

Hey Akio!

Fun to see a returning player, welcome back!
At MASS we have plenty of players who have been around since beta and we’ve managed to build up a very tight knit community over the years. Today we’re a part of Pandemic Horde so there’s plenty of content if you’re interested in dipping your toe into nullsec PVP.

For more info, check: MASS [Pandemic Horde] - 2003 Sov Null PVP Corp EU/US Close-knit group of seasoned pilots looking for new recruits

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