Max yield Rorq pilot & refiner / producer /researcher 40m SP


  • Mining Drone Specialization 5

  • Capital Industrial Ships 5

  • Industrial Reconfiguration 5

  • Exhumers 4

  • Arkonor Processing 5

  • Bistot Processing 5

  • Crokite Processing 5

  • Dark Ochre Processing 5

  • Gneiss Processing 5

  • Hedbergite Processing 5

  • Hemorphite Processing 5

  • Ice Harvesting 5

  • Ice Processing 5

  • Plagioclase Processing 5

  • Pyroxeres Processing 5

  • Spodumain Processing 5


contact me

bump :slight_smile:

31b offer, this is not a max rorq pilot without navigation skills…

changed to max yield



still for sale


40b and we have a deal


as mentioned 40b and its yours

40b offer


PLZ give me your character name ,then i will send money to you


character created the threat

already send isk to you ,pls transfer the character and see more detail in game’s mail

you transferred 4b not 40b

if you want the character send the remaining 36b, otherwise ill refund you the 4b

36 Bil offer or 40bil b/o.

accepting 40b buyout

refunding trouble mining / trouble fax 4b

I will send the isk when I get home from my main account. I would like you to transfer the character to my alt account, Fiend Str1kes

no problem, safe journey back home
awaiting isk

dont put account name in here
send via evemail