Perfect Yield Rorq Pilots - SOLD

No kill rights, positive wallets and sec status. All located in home station in Amsen.

Confirming I am for sale.

Confirming I am for sale.

Confirming I am for sale.

34 bil for KC Minerbot 3

34b Offer accepted for minerbot 3. Send isk and account details.

Cant get to my pc atm. Will send isk as soon as i get to my pc

All characters are still available for sale.

Still got some rorqs for sale here :slight_smile:

Buy muh rorq pilots … make me offers … these are properly skilled in all rorqing areas … don’t buy one of those crappy rorq toons.

If you need quality rorq toons KC has them. I’m not selling them for injector value, but make me a fair offer and get you one while supplies last!

ill buy minerbot 3 for 21bil

No thanks.

25b b/o minerbot 3

No I just way undercut my prices to sell them. a 39m sp focused rorq/indy toon for 29b seems like a hell of a deal already don’t it?

still got a bunch of great rorq toons available here

Hi, if i take all 3, what discount can you offer me?

95b for all 3

ok one last thing, will you transfer via Plex or pay $?

i will pay transfer fees via $