⚡ Maximum Overload [RAZOR Alliance]

:zap: Come enjoy Equinox in Sov-Null
:zap: R64 Moons and relaxed ratting
:zap: New player friendly (Alphas potentially accepted)
:zap: Easy access only 12 jumps from JITA
:zap: Access to the full suite of Null Industry Structures
:zap: Friendly group with a real life first attitude
:zap: Awesome fleet fights with PHOENIX COALITION

Contact: rcgv (in-game)

Still looking for more pilots!

The Caldari Alliance supports your fight against the Serpentis scum located in beautiful Cloud Ring.

Peak corp playtime is 22:00-09:00

Very relaxed environment with no mandatory participation.

Could use a couple more pilots to come enjoy some quiet null life with us.