Mazkit Industries: USTZ NPC Nullsec PvP

We’re a small group of recently returned players, making a fresh start in Eve. Our backgrounds range from ‘Rooks and Kings’ to Goonswarm to former-carebears. Most of us have families, demanding jobs, or hobbies outside of Eve.

What brings us together is the experience we wish to build: small to mid-sized activities, run as a corp and with an air of professionalism, centered around a shared fleet doctrine and a team-based mindset.

We’re looking for capsuleers excited by the idea of working together to build an aggressive PvP fleet based on Minmatar ship doctrines, unbound by sovereignty concerns.

So; if high speeds, big alphas, and daring escapes sound thrilling to you, you may be just who we need.

It also wouldn’t hurt if you enjoy coordinated ISK making activities such as gate-camping, moon mining, special events, and faction-rat hunting, etc…

Successful applicants will desire thoughtful PvP operations, take pride in their killboard, and be willing to help cultivate a fleet focused mindset.

-12M SP Minimum
-US time zones preferred, others considered
-Jump freighter, buy-back, and structure services available
-High-end mining, ratting, and moon-goo available in protected systems

Contact Mazuel or join channel ‘x-prot’ for more info.

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