Medorium Prim

Here it is Cut and dry, we are a new small Corp that is trying to expand into something medium sized we currently have 50 active memebers with over 90 total members and alts. We just wrangled our first nullsec Moon. be it Industry / Mining, Pve/missions or combat young,old,new pilot, vet and everything inbetween we have a spot for you. we are low commitment and hope the energy of our excited group gives you the want to be socially active with us. Friendly active upper management free JF service to get you out here and set up and to top it off we will train. Come spend your time with us and relax while you make isk to plex. Looking forward to fielding any questions you have for me.



< Allan Mack, IGN on eve = Proudfeet PunisheR

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