Memento. Mori [-MM.-], a newly formed, multi timezone corporation and member of Slyce Pirates Alliance, is recruiting for null-sec PVP, PVE, and general shenanigans

Boogz here, on of the recruiters for Memento. Mori [-MM.-]. We’re a newly formed, growing PVP corporation operating out of Etherium Reach. We have members in the US, UK, AU & NZ timezones. With Alliance coverage across all timezones. We have a real-life comes first policy, along with PVP priority over PVE.

What we offer you.
Great people to play the game with.
Competent leadership in corp and alliance.
Great FC’s and alliance leadership.
Easy access to regular small gang and alliance size gang warfare.
Career mentoring by experienced players
Access to ISK making sov space for belt ratting, anomalies, PI, mining, and exploration.
Reasonable tax rates of 10%

What we require from you.
Good quality headset with microphone.
Comms activity. When logged into EVE, be on alliance comms.
Discord for corp and alliance pings. And those sweet memes.
English doesn’t have to be your main language, but you need to be fluent enough to engage with other English speakers on comms.
PVP participation. There is a time for krabbing and real-life comes first, but this corp is PVP focussed, so you need to demonstrate that with activity on zkillboard.
Thick skin. We have memes, you need to be able to deal with memes.
ESI access on all of your accounts.
A good attitude towards those in corp and alliance, as well as the ability to follow instructions when leadership gives them.
A willingness to fly or train towards alliance fits and doctrines.
Be self-sufficient in the pursuit of making isk.

If you like the look of all of the above, please come join us on our recruitment discord server and lets get killing.

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