Reikoku [RKK] 2003 Null/Lowsec PVP Corp

Reikoku [RKK] are opening recruitment to all, including bitter vets who barely undock, PAPI refugees and spies of all flavours. If you do undock that’s a bonus.

Who we are:

A corp whose heyday is a distant memory, if you played back when the game was good, we will need no introduction. Having been at the forefront of PVP and alliance warfare scene for much of the first decade of the game’s existence, achieving many “firsts” and helping define much of the early history of EVE-Online.

Founded in 2003, we were a founding member of the infamous Band of Brothers alliance, IT alliance and also as a member corp of Pandemic Legion sometime before it, like us, faded into obscurity. We have a depth of knowledge and experience of PVP that spans nearly two decades, if only our actual piloting skills could back this up.

What we offer:

Apes together strong. Apes enjoy PVP at a range of scales, be it small gang, gatecamping, armor brawls or massive feeds.

Who you are:


· Able to speak and understand English (will allow garbled nonsense if you have sick APM)

· Have a mic (no heavy breathing)

· Passion for PVP

· Solid understanding of game mechanics (pls no bubbling of friendly fleets)

· Willingness to keep up to date with the meta and changes that will affect PVP (or the patience to listen to wubs theorycrafting useless ■■■■)

· A positive attitude and a willingness to get involved (undock, get frags, die, climax)

· Self sufficient in some form, there is krab space but its rubbish. Ideally you will be space middle class but if you are a poor then you can learn from our team of reaction job starters or feeders of rorqs to snuff on how to make fat stacks.

· Capital pilots, be it alts or mains


· Active, we don’t have hard requirements imposed but expect a few days a week

· SuperCapital pilots, be it alts or mains

· Chub at the prospect of dank km’s

· EUTZ, all the corps freedom loving friends are unemployed so play in EU anyway.

TLDR quick facts:

2003 PVP Corp, 0.0 / Lowsec – in the universally hated Dreadbomb., SRP, Krab Space, Hypernet Addicts Anonymous membership.

Join: Blackpool Tower ingame or our discord: Reikoku and speak to Dark’ Lord or if you are unlucky Ravelin Eb.


Being a Chav is optional. We even have a few Americans and a token Aussie. Gay as ■■■■ but we :heart: Him

This is an epic post. Bumping for my fav corp, which I happen to be a part of. Join us. But we’re way past our prime so whatevs.

attempting to extract your assets from delve? join us and gain immunity from the bait beacons, stay for the new friends.

Friendly Bump -

As one of the newest members of RKK, i can only talk highly of these guys.

Solid group of people in different ages, with a huge knowledge of eve. If you know anything about eve history, you know the name Reikoku.

And now member in one of the best if not the best Content seeking alliance in Eve - Dreadbomb. So come join, you wont regret it :smiley:

Our latest members are already enjoying feeding on hostile supers:

Are you in coward alliance who are too scared to use caps? Do your #poors corpmates lament the indy changes and scarcity and are still waiting on M2 SRP? Come join the best corp in Diet Coke Snuffed Out and leave those woes behind.


Hello again spacefriends, if you find the muninn and various nullblobs reliance on this smoothbrain f1 boat pathetic.

Then join us, where you will get to farm them in much better ships.

Farming Muninns is fun and a great way to meet new friends. Bump.

New friends might enjoy helping us clean up New Eden of the Rorqual menace:

Great corp with long and rich history in the early days of EVE Online. Band of Brothers was a massive force that dominated all of EVE for a long time. These are some OG’s here.

Still recruiting, if you like fighting Russians then our current ingame plans will be perfect for you.

your discord invite has expired, so no one can join :stuck_out_tongue:

Well well well so it would seem, fixed the link.

Also check this fight video from a couple of nights ago: A fight video

And the BR: Battle Report Tool

Please speak to us if you would like to take part in such enjoyable content.

Hello friends, still some coveted slots available in our crack team of internet spaceship captains.

To the top, the top is also where you will be if you join us.

Hello friends, still spaces available to collect dank frags with some cool bros.

Hi its me again, sending this to the top


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