Reikoku [RKK] 2003 Lowsec/FW PVP Corp

Reikoku [RKK] are opening recruitment to all those interested in lowsec and FW PVP, including bitter vets who barely undock, nullblob refugees and spies of all flavours. If you do undock that’s a bonus.

Who we are:

A corp whose heyday is a distant memory, if you played back when the game was good, we will need no introduction. Having been at the forefront of PVP and alliance warfare scene for much of the first decade of the game’s existence, achieving many “firsts” and helping define much of the early history of EVE-Online.

Founded in 2003, we were a founding member of the infamous Band of Brothers alliance, IT alliance and also as a member corp of Pandemic Legion sometime before it, like us, faded into obscurity. We have a depth of knowledge and experience of PVP that spans nearly two decades, if only our actual piloting skills could back this up.

What we offer:

Apes together strong. Apes enjoy PVP at a range of scales, be it small gang, gatecamping, close range brawls and embaressing feeds. We have recently shrugged off the shackles of 0.0 for the bright lights of lowsec and faction warfare, and have discovered that we have been wasting our time for ages and this is where eve is at its most fun.

Who you are:


· Able to speak and understand English (will allow garbled nonsense if you have sick APM)

· Have a mic (no heavy breathing)

· Passion for PVP

· Solid understanding of game mechanics

· Willingness to keep up to date with the meta and changes that will affect PVP, (able to produce useless meme fits)

· A positive attitude and a willingness to get involved (undock, get frags, die, climax)

· Self sufficient in some form, we live in lowsec so there is no krabbing, but new FW will make you fabulously wealthy anyway.

· Alts, we expect you to be able to multibox to some degree.


· Active, we don’t have hard requirements imposed but expect a few days a week

· Chub at the prospect of dank km’s

TLDR quick facts:

2003 PVP Corp, Lowsec / FW – in the universally hated Cal Mil, [Reikoku | Corporation | zKillboard]

Join: Blackpool Tower ingame or our discord: Reikoku and speak to Ravelin Eb.

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I’m not sure I want us to share the secret sauce Rav.

Wow I have a hazy memory of flying with Raikoku back in my Jericho Fraction days, in another life long abandoned.


Hi friendly forum community!

After a really unfortunate hilarious diplomatic incident involving Skarkon, a Sigil, and a Wormhole, I wound up leaving nullsec and joining RKK. To be honest, I kind of bumble-■■■■■■ my way into the group. I had no strong direction in what I wanted out of eve: here’s a guy that played for maybe a year or two 10 years ago, only very recently got back into the game, hanging out with guys that have lived the whole 19 years of the game. I puppy-dog followed some friends into RKK and wound up being really lazy and not moving out.

When I joined RKK I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to bring anything to the group. These guys have done it all, flown and lost just about every ship in every way possible, flown in all sorts of alliances that are memories, outlived groups of people that have quit/re-joined/quit-again, and yet despite all that aren’t jaded / killboard-scrutinizers / annoying. They have great mature banter that doesn’t cross lines, are willing to have a laugh, but when things require a serious diplo touch, can bring out that ol’ experience out of the closet. Yet despite all that, I found out I could bring something to the table that they could not: being a poor.

You see, ever since I joined RKK, I’ve been subsidized by The Welfare State™ (now that we’ve joined FW – The Caldari Welfare State™). I want a T1 frig? I get a T1 frig. I get fitting adivice and tips, I take it out, and I get blown up. Or blow others up. Sometimes I punch up. Mostly unsuccessfully. Sometimes, though, successfully. A lot of the times I go crazy and take fights I know are really bad. I find it fun to be aggressive. All in all, it’s been met with 100% encouragement from all corp mates.

Now that we’re in FW we fleet up with both organized small gang warfare and ad-hoc fleets of “hey, let’s go cause trouble”, and we still retain the streak of piracy.

So in summary, if I had to give RKK a rating it would definitely be 0 Michelin Stars because some of the food recipes we share are really questionable at times.

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This is a bump

Someone shoot me a PM. This old fart wants to join you old farts.

  • Former BDCI Pilot
  • Creator of concordokken’d
  • Creator of the Mercenary Coalition logo
  • All of these are now obscure references for anyone after 2010…

Oh god, here we go again…

Salvagers equipped as always I presume gentlemen?

Absolutely, its the one rule we have.

RKK is full of turbochads

Hey. I’m interested. How can we chat? What time zones? Recently returned to the game to find I’m all alone in lowsec trying to dodge blops fleets.

We operate in a range of TZ’s, corps evenly split between EU/US with a few rogue AUTZ guys. Feel free to join our discord or public channel ingame, links are in the OP.

Hello, we have added some fully functional new corp members. Still room for more.

This is an excellent sales pitch. I’m returning to EVE after a 7 year hiatus, pretty sure I want to do FW, the above pitch sounds pretty good.
I’ve been in my now mostly inactive corp for a really long time though and socialized there even longer, would you be open to me trialling a bit with an Alt and seeing if there’s a click?

Can multi-box (love scanning actually), like flying small ■■■■ basically a ceptor pilot with 7 years of rust.
Will definitely be active but subject to real life requirements ofc. Have lived extensively in lowsec before so will be fine living there again.

If that sounds al right I’ll reach out in-game over the weekend!

Free bump for a legendary corp! :heart_hands:

Thank you kind sir

Heres a bump


Just out here propping up Cal Mil

New chums required

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