Reikoku [RKK] - [PHEW] - RC - 2003 PVP Corp Recruiting EU/US

Reikoku [RKK] is currently recruiting to find like minded and PVP focused players to continue to build our ranks and to help us succeed in our current operations (aka FUN).

Who we are:

Reikoku’s current directorship have been playing EVE since 2003/4 and have been members of Reikoku since 2005, helping form this deeply storied corporation’s history.

If you have played EVE from the early days we will need no introduction, having been at the forefront of the PVP and alliance warfare scene for much of the first decade of the games existence, achieving many game “firsts” and helping define much of the early history of EVE-Online.

Founded in 2003, first as a solo mercenary corp, then as a founding member of the infamous Band of Brothers alliance, IT alliance and as a member corp of Pandemic Legion, we have a depth of knowledge and experience of PVP that spans nearly two decades.

In recent years we have taken a step back from large bloc and alliance warfare in favour of small roaming gangs and solo PVP but now are replenishing our ranks and increasing our ambitions once more. This is where we are hoping you will come into the picture.

Reikoku is a member corporation of Purple Helmeted Warriors [PHEW], of REKKINGCREW.

Who you are:

• Able to speak and understand English
• Have a mic
• ESI for corp/alliance
• Passion for PVP, CTA’s and corp ops come before krabbing
• Solid understanding of game mechanics
• Willingness to keep up to date with the meta and changes that will affect PVP
• A positive attitude and a willingness to get involved, we enjoy hanging out and having fun together
• Understand RKK is a ran as a dictatorship, opinions will be taken into account but we have never been a democracy
• Self sufficient, we don’t run a corp SRP currently, alliance SRP is available for doctrine ships on specific CTA’s
• Dread alt, willingness to train for one may be considered
• 50m+ SP, we run various doctrines and will need members to be flexible in the ships they can fly, lower SP will be considered if you can demonstrate a history of flying a range of ships to good effect
• Active, we don’t have hard requirements imposed but expect a few days a week

• FC’s / skilled scouts
• Supercapital ownership
• US Timezone folks

TLDR quick facts:

2003 PVP Corp
0.0 / Lowsec - Derelik / Providence
English speaking
EU & US TimeZone
50+m SP

Ingame channel: Blackpool Tower
Recruiters: Dgo4 (EU) MindBender (US) Havocide (backup)
Contact: evemail or open a convo ingame or on discord, if we don’t reply immediately, please be patient and we’ll get back to you asap.

Happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Came to play eve, now only login in for Stellaris. Nah, just testament to a sound bunch of guys in and out of the game. Bants comms with an equally hilarious corp discord. RKK is more than just Eve.

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I wanted to introduce myself as the US TZ recruiter for RKK. I’m hoping to bring on a few more folks to add some more to our US TZ and show up our EU corp mates a bit more. Above basically spells it out, hit me up if you’re interested.

Just giving this a bump and I’m on the active lookout for more US TZ folks.

Been a bit, but we’re still looking for a few more US TZ folks to add into our ranks. Please hit me up if you have any questions.

Giving this one a good bump. We have some new opportunities going on in game that are making some content for the Corp. While there is always content going on for the Alliance and the Coalition, this is something we are working on internally. Join up on our discord and message one of the recruiters if you’re interested in getting involved.

We’ve gotten a few more US TZ folks and I’m hoping to get more. Looking forward to the new changes to ESS so we can do some ESS hunting in some small gangs as a corp. Also there is some fun content going on that is being run by the corp. One thing to know about RKK is that we take care of our own.

Some of the best enemies I’ve ever had. Back in Celes we had some epic rumbles when battleship brawls at 30km were a thing and people had the balls to fight without nano ships at 200km.

I miss DBP and the guys, but would definitely recommend these guys if you’re a serious pvp’r looking to fly with a top tier group.


Been nice to see a few folks coming our ways, still looking for some more. Hit us up if you have some questions.

Our friendship doctrine is highly effective.

Highly effective rkkrabbing doctrine

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