Konrakas Forged (KON-F) Multi TZ 0.0 Recruiting!

Looking for new or old players to join our null sec family. We are a laid back group of veteran players who understand real life comes first. Eve is a game and should be treated as such. Family and Real Life always come first here. We are a part of SLYCE and live out of Etherium Reach. We have guys that do it all, and want more that like to do whatever. Have fun!! Thats what is important.

We have alliance level fleets and local PVP.

We hold our own systems for PVE/Industry content. Plenty of roaming folks to shoot at if that is what you are into. There are plenty of fleets to join at the alliance level to hone your PVP skills.

We do focus heavily on industry, so if you like to mine/build consider us! We do moon, belt, and anom mining. We have access to alliance ice systems. We have our own production infrastructure.

Join our ingame channel Konrakas Embassy or Contact a recruiter from our corp advert!

Fly Safe!! Hope to hear from you soon!

David Mazren


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