[.MEN.] Naliao Inc - Be more than a blob F1 baboon

Who is Naliao Inc?

We are a corp in Black Legion, a nomadic PvP alliance looking for solid players with good attitudes and character. We’re a tight knit group that likes to fly together as well as take part in alliance fleets.

What can I expect from Naliao Inc. and Black Legion?

  • Great fleet content with minimal tidi

  • A close corp to fly with (and we play other games too!)

  • Opportunities for covert ops/black ops, hunting, and killing rorquals !

  • A great balance of fun and intense PvP action

  • People with serious skill who don’t take themselves too seriously

We operate primarily in Eastern US TZ , with most fleets occurring from 6 - 11 pm eastern.

Great, but what skills do I need to join?

We don’t have many hardline requirements, but you should be able (or nearly able) to buy and fly some of our major doctrine ships: Muninn , Ishtar , Scimitar , Guardian , Nightmare . We’re heavily involved in covert ops/black ops, so being able to fly stealth bombers, recons, T3Cs, and blops are all bonus points. We’re also always looking for capital/super pilots!

You should also be comfortable on the move and being ISK self-sufficient. There are alliance opportunities to make is, but you should be able to support yourself. As we are part of a nomadic alliance that often operates on contracts, SRP is not always available.

Not sure if you fit the bill? Head on over to our discord (linked below) and chat with us. We’re always willing to make exceptions for exceptional pilots who want to do more than F1 on blob fleets.

How can I check you guys out and apply?

We have a corp Discord you can find here: Naliao Inc Discord

You can hang out and get to know us there. You can always find someone online, especially during our major operating hours.

If you want to get the application process started, head over to forums.origindot.space and register on auth. Once you’ve set up your auth account with us, you can find our recruitment application and instructions here:


Some basic requirements:

  • Have a functioning mic

  • Be able to laugh at yourself

  • Don’t be a dick

  • Be active

Stop by our discord and hang out, and before you know it you’ll be flying with one of the top PvP alliances in the game with a killboard greener than your grandparents’ fake grass lawn.

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