Men's EDENCOM Combat Suit and Command Jacket for sale

Looking to sell:

1 Men’s EDENCOM ‘Defiant’ Combat Suit

1 Men’s EDENCOM ‘Valiant’ Command Jacket

price on each?

Items are still available. Added in buyout prices. Willing to haggle, but this is roughly what I am looking for. Feel free to Eve mail me.

The suit is worth 47B???

This is the market history since Dec 2021. Last it sold was at 37bil, and I set the buyout at 10bil higher because the trend is going up. So yeah, it’s worth a bit of isk lol

Sheesh, glad I still have my combat suit then!

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6B offer on Command Jacket

Sorry, the jacket just sold. I received an offer for the 8 bil buyout several hours ago, and just now got around to creating the contract and updating my WTS posts

Bumping - Combat Suit still available. Send an Eve mail if you’d like to discuss


bumping again

37b combat

38 combat suit

Bidding is currently ongoing by a couple of parties. Highest bid as of right now is 43b. If you would like to offer higher I can pull you into the mail thread

Combat suit has SOLD for the buyout price of 47 billion

:pleading_face: :cry::disappointed::frowning::confounded:

I wish I hadnt given away my Command jack lol
woulda sold that

who did you give it to?

Who did you give it to?

A corp mate, dont remember who tho