[MERC] Space Violence (Imperium)

Hello Citizens of Eden

Ever hated your neighbour? Being bullied by some Alliance? Need to save your structure? Looking for a batphone perhaps? We are Space Violence, a PVP focused squad within the Imperium and we are here to offer our mercenary services to the masses. Space Violence has been around since 2013, conducting combat operations under the Imperium. A little over a year ago, the squad was reinvigorated with renewed PVP focus, doctrines and leadership. Since then, Space Violence has seen a growth in size from 30 to 600 members. Our experienced FCs and strong doctrines attracted the highest skilled pilots within the Imperium. This resulted in fleets comprised of competent pilots able to engage enemies against the odds and win. The squad has run doctrines ranging from destroyer class ships up to battleships and capitals with high success rates. During world war bee, Space Violence consistently defeated the MBC forces while facing inconceivable odds. We have extensive PVP experience battling entire alliances and coming out on top.

We are now offering the following services within Nullsec, Lowsec and W-Space to the masses.

Batphone Services.
Fleet Support.
Removal of structures.
Defence of structures.

Any fees involved for services (if any) would be held by a honourable third party until contract completion. It is important to note that we do not accept contracts in highsec and all contracts would be subject to the rules and laws of the Imperium.

If you are interested in any of these services then please contact in-game Kendarr.

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Hello, if I’m a low sec entity that badly needs a KeepStar and need fleet support so I could anchor it in Rakapas, how much would it be?

(Asking for a friend.)

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Hello RiotRick,

thanks for the troll post!

Open for contracts.

Can you give me a reference to another service for a High-Sec contract?
Although I would consider your Lowsec term(s) for costs and so on…
We could probably arrange something in Lowsec.

After just making GOTG and all its member alliance capitulate to us, we are open for contracts again.


I think you want to Post in Merc services


Zzzznngh? Wha…?

Open for services.

still open for services.