[MERC] Trigger Happy

Hello Citizens of Eden

Ever hated your neighbour? Being bullied by some Alliance? Need to save your structure? Looking for a batphone perhaps? We are Trigger Happy, a PVP focused Alliance and we are here to offer our mercenary services to the masses. Trigger Happy. has been around since 2019, conducting combat operations. Our experienced FCs and strong doctrines attracted the highest skilled pilots. This resulted in fleets comprised of competent pilots able to engage enemies against the odds and win. The Alliance has run doctrines ranging from destroyer class ships up to battleships and capitals with high success rates.

We are now offering the following services within Nullsec, Lowsec, Highsec and W-Space to the masses.

Batphone Services.
Fleet Support.
Removal of structures.
Defence of structures.

Any fees involved for services (if any) would be held by a honourable third party until contract completion. It is important to note that we do not accept contracts in highsec.

If you are interested in any of these services then please contact in-game Kendarr or
on Discord Kendarr #0653.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

You still play?

Yes, i have returned like a mythological space jebus.

He never did anything last time so who cares!
I bet you send him a link to your discord!
Don’t click the link you will be sorry!
Correction: You haven’t returned you have been here since before January! This is all false news people.


Lol I’ve actually been playing, and my discord is awesome, I just won’t give it to kendarr

ok this is very random but thanks for all the bumps!



We are still open for services

can you contact me in game please


Alliance under new leadership, please contact me if you want our services. [Trigger Happy] looking for new member corporations

Discord: Mark Artreides#1855

Uh, I like killing stuff. This new eve makes me barf in my mouth but c’est la vie?