Trigger Happy Rental - Tribute

Trigger Happy is offering up space in tribute for rental to corps or individuals that are looking to enjoy the benefits of null-sec without having to also enjoy the upkeep and defence.

We have systems available to suit all budgets from those looking to simply get some ratting and mining space for themselves, to those looking to set up industry grab a few moons and carve out their own little corner of null-sec to call home.

What you get
-Access to our intel channel to avoid roaming gangs
-Exclusive access to anomalies in the system(s) you choose
-Guristas rats
-Moons to rent
-Support in setting up your structures if needed
-A dedicated renter group discord server for providing you with updates and support

To rent a system contact Nil Desperandum or Ledeanio either here or in game.

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Systems for rent are circled in Green:

Bump still systems available

Bumping also for the weekend - hope you are having a good one!

Gosh if it was any cheaper I would consider it corp theft.


Systems and moons still available in Tribute.

@Ledeanio what are the costs and benefits? Do the QUIET, STUGH, OMS, and TP system owners allow transit eights to your renters? I notice that on the map that only VENAL and LONETREK advertise services.

I don’t have any structures yet, can you offer docking and JUMP clone support?

Is there a trading HUB near by?

We have a JF service for moving items to and from Jita and all renters are able to use our Market Hub. There aren’t any transit rights, but with the JF service and our JB network this isn’t really needed :wink:

For all your Tribute rental needs.

limited number of systems and moons still available.

Some systems and moons still available.


A couple of systems left.

Still open.

Trigger Happy is still a thing? WTB Kendarr fleet. Are those for sale?

Still a thing! Unfortunately no Kendarr fleets, but very much active and alive still!

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Some systems and moons with easy access to Jita still available.


Do you guys still have space for rent?